Happy Birthday Si Robertson: Celebrating the ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star’s Funniest Moments

by Keeli Parkey

One of the most popular people in the “Duck Dynasty” universe celebrated his birthday on Tuesday (April 27).

That person is Si Robertson. And, he turned 73 years old this week.

Si Robertson was born on April 27, 1948. And, Uncle Si, as he is commonly referred to on the popular reality show, often provides some of the most hilarious moments on “Duck Dynasty.” His given name is Silas Merritt Robertson and, as fans of the show know, he is a brother of Phil Robertson.

In fact, Si Robertson is the younger brother to Phil Robertson. It was Phil’s duck calling business that led his family to fame and fortune.

Si has given fans of “Duck Dynasty” many, many laughs on the popular show. He is often standing in the way of what his nephews Willie Robertson and Jase Robertson want to do. Willie and Jase are two of the sons of Si’s brother Phil Roberts and his wife, Kay.

One of Si’s most memorable moments on “Duck Dynasty” involved a fender-bender that occurred between his vehicles and Willie’s. Si wanted Willie to pay for the damage he “saw” on his truck. Willie didn’t see the damage – and refused to pay. As a solution, Si offered to let Willie give him $1,000 to settle the score. Willie, of course, refused. This led Si to try to get to Willie by using a motorized wheelchair and claiming that he was injured in their “wreck.”

This is just one of many hilarious situations the Robertson family found themselves in on “Duck Dynasty.” You can check out a few of those moments below.

Si Robertson Served in United States Military During Vietnam War

The famous “Duck Dynasty” Roberston brothers Phil and Si are just two of the seven children of their parents, James and Merritt Robertson. The couple had five sons and two daughters.

During high school, Si also played football just like his older brother, Phil. In fact, he wore the same jersey number as his older brother. (That was #10, for those who are interested.)

After high school, “Duck Dynasty” star Si Robertson began college at Louisiana Tech University. However, he later decided to drop out. This led to him being drafted into the United States military during the Vietnam War.

It was during his service in that war that the “Duck Dynasty” star acquired possessions that would become a trademark for him on the show. As fans will know, those possessions include the Tupperware cups he often carries with him wherever he goes.

There were many funny moments on “Duck Dynasty” thanks to Uncle Si. There’s the time he brought in band ZZ Top to celebrate with him. And, who can forget the time he wore a helmet attached with a camera and filmed pretty much everything he encountered.

There’s so much more! He’s go “laser sharp” focus, after all. Well, or so he says. It’s probably best to take what Uncle Si says with the grain of salt. But, it’s entertaining none-the-less.

You can watch more of Si’s funniest moments below.