‘Happy Days’ Actor Henry Winkler Responds to Fish Photo Backlash

by Thad Mitchell

Hollywood icon Henry Winkler was recently the subject of backlash regarding a recent social media post in which he shows off his fishing skills.

On Monday, Henry Winkler took to social media to post a pic of a fish he caught during his leisure activity. In the caption, he wrote, “I can’t even express the beauty everywhere on our planet.”

His tweet brought for the ire of environmentalists and animal lovers who believe his words don’t match the photo. Several social media users criticized Henry Winkler for disrupting the natural habitat found underwater.

Commenters on the tweet say the “Happy Days” actor should have immediately released the fish back into the water. Others point out there are better ways to enjoy nature than harming a living creature.

“I hope you put that beautiful fish back in the beautiful water to continue to live a beautiful peaceful life,” one responder says.

Another Twitter user chastises Winkler for his actions, saying “Death to any animal is not beautiful. Take a photo. Don’t rip an animal out of its natural environment with a hook through its face so you can feel something.”

Yesterday (Tuesday), the actor responded to some of his critics who disagree with his fishing methods.

Henry Winkler Responds to Criticism, Gathers Support

“I won’t eat a trout in a restaurant,” Winkler says in response to a tweeter.

Others came to Winkler’s aid, praising the former “Happy Days” star for catching the sizeable fish.

“Good man, fish to eat,” the social media user says. “That’s how I was brought up. Just happens to be really fun.”

Another Twitter follower of Henry Winkler proclaims the star doesn’t need to defend himself from participating in the activity of his choice.

“You don’t ever have to defend yourself for fishing,” another poster writes.

While he is mostly known for the iconic role of “The Fonz” on the sitcom “Happy Days,” Henry Winkler has enjoyed quite a bit of success in his other ventures. In the hit Adam Sandler flick “The Waterboy,” Winkler plays the lovable but aloof Coach Klein. More recently, Winkler stars acting coach Gene Cousineau in “Barry” an HBO comedy starring Bill Hader. The popular comedy earned him an Emmy Award for his role as the absent-minded coach.

Henry Winkler often speaks of his love for the great outdoors and fishing. His social media accounts are littered with pics of his latest outdoor adventures. He also claims to be an avid fly fisherman and especially loves fishing in the state of Montana.