‘Happy Days’ Actor Henry Winkler Shares His Thoughts on Co-Star Scott Baio’s Wife’s Rose Garden

by Clayton Edwards

Some say that Henry Winkler was the driving force behind Happy Days. The Fonz is one of the most popular characters in TV history. The popularity of that character helped to keep the show on the air. At the same time, it was Winkler’s performance as well as his commitment to the character that made Fonzie what he was. So, yeah, Henry is kind of a big deal.

He doesn’t act like it, though. These days, Henry Winkler is pretty laid back and down-to-earth. He was never like his Happy Days character. However, now he is even less like the leather jacket-clad greaser. You can usually catch him on Twitter sending positive vibes to his favorite musicians and authors. In all reality, Winkler is probably one of the sweetest guys on the planet.

Henry Winkler even keeps in touch with other Happy Days alums. For instance, Scott Baio recently shared some gorgeous photos of some roses that his wife grew. Winkler had to chime in and share his opinion on them.

In the original post, Baio shared the photos with a simple caption, celebrating his wife’s green thumb. “Bravo!” the former Chachi actor posted. That one word was all he needed to sum up his feelings on the flowers. Henry Winkler quote tweeted Baio and added, “really beautiful.”

Henry Winkler Still Friends with Happy Days Co-Stars

Many people in Henry Winkler’s replies were shocked that he still kept in touch with Baio. There is, apparently, a huge difference in their political views. However, Winkler doesn’t care about that. He and Baio worked together on one of the most influential shows on television. That transcends party lines as easily as it transcends the decades that have come and gone since Happy Days dominated the airwaves.

The fact that the surviving members of the Happy Days cast still keep in touch shouldn’t be a shock. After all, the cast was like a big family while the show was on the air. After it ended they all kept in touch. Now, it is much easier to do so.

However, Baio isn’t the only member of the cast that Henry Winkler is still friendly with. He and Ron Howard have been close since the first season of Happy Days. Then, Winkler looked up to the much younger actor. Ron Howard was his teacher on the set. After the show ended they worked together on a handful of other projects. Ron Howard even went so far as to make Winkler the godfather of his children. To this day, the former co-stars are like brothers.