‘Happy Days’ Actor Perfectly Explained How Henry Winkler Put Show ‘Right in His Pocket’ with Fonzie

by Keeli Parkey

The beloved sitcom “Happy Days” is still remembered to this day for many reasons. Of course, there are the numerous laughs the show provided for its audience. There was also its iconic theme song. And, of course, the talented actors who brought the show’s characters to life.

But, one actor – and his character – rose to a level of fame that surpassed all the other “Happy Days” characters and their actors. That actor was Henry Winkler. And, as fans of the show already know, he brought the iconic character Arthur Herbert “The Fonz” Fonzarelli to life. The famous character was also known as “Fonzie” to fans and the other actors on “Happy Days.”

The level of fame Henry Winkler achieved thanks to his role as “Fonzie” on “Happy Days” was not lost on his fellow television actors. In fact, one of his costars was happy to share her thoughts about Winkler and his character on “Happy Days.”

That actress was Marion Ross. She famously played Marion Cunningham, the mother of Richie and Joanie Cunningham. And, she shared her feelings about the show and its characters during an interview with the Television Academy Foundation. This interview was reportedly filmed in December 2002.

The Actress Who Played Mrs. Cunningham on ‘Happy Days’ Once Said Fans ‘Love’ the Character Arthur Fonzarelli

It was during that 2002 interview that Marion Ross talked about fan’s reactions to Fonzie on “Happy Days.”

“Fans fell in love with ‘The Fonz,'” the Mrs. Cunningham actress said in 2002. And, while she was impressed with the way fans embraced the character, she loved to see how fans scrambled at a chance to be close to Henry Winkler and his “Fonzie” character.

“It was so extraordinary,” Ross said during the interview. “… We would go to these big banquets for the owners, operators … And, these middle-aged women would just be falling all over themselves just to get to Henry (Winkler) because he had so much innate sex appeal.”

It was situations like these that made it clear to Marion Ross that Henry Winkler’s character Fonzie on “Happy Days” was going to leave a long-lasting impression.

“… He just ran off with this series – in his pocket,” Ross said of Winkler. “Word came down: They said, ‘Go with the Fonz. Write for the Fonz.’ And then, he finally graduated to his leather jacket.”

Henry Winkler continued to impress Marion Ross while they worked together on “Happy Days.”

“I’ve never seen anybody with so much personal charisma,” she said. “All of us girls were just crazy about him.”

Obviously, they weren’t the only ones.

You can watch Marion Ross talk about “The Fonz” and more about the popular sitcom “Happy Days” below.