‘Happy Days’ Actress Linda Purl Posts Video From Hospital After Undergoing Major Medical Procedure

by Keeli Parkey

“Happy Days” actress Linda Purl recently underwent a very serious surgery.

And, luckily, she is recovering and in good spirits. Or, so it seems, based on a video she posted to Instagram on Wednesday (April 28).

The video also includes a very sweet appearance by her boyfriend. That boyfriend is television actor Patrick Duffy. He is famous for his roles on such shows as “Dallas,” “Step By Step,” and “The Bold and the Beautiful.”

“OK. What happened today, honey?” the “Happy Days” actress said to open the video. Duffy then goes into detail about what an eventful day it actually was.

“Oh, nothing, sweetie,” Duffy said. “I just brought you here, got you all drugged up, let a man look at you naked, cut open your leg, and I went out and had a hamburger. How was your day?”

Patrick Duffy then laughs as Linda Purl joking said, “Well, I don’t remember any of it. Yeah. New knee. Bionic. Yay.”

Duffy then shared another interesting detail about the day the “Happy Days” and “Matlock” actress had.

“She got a shot of happy sauce about three minutes ago,” Duffy said with a laugh. “OK. She’ll be home tomorrow.”

Patrick Duffy and Linda Purl began dating during COVID-19 lockdowns.

As fans of the popular sitcom will know, Linda Purl played Ashley Pfister on “Happy Days.” Ashley was a very serious girlfriend of Arthur “Fonzie” Fonzarelli.

You can watch “Happy Days” actress Linda Purl and Patrick Duffy have fun in her hospital room in her Instagram video below.

Fans Wish ‘Happy Days’ Actress Linda Purl Well After She Undergoes Serious Surgical Procedure

In addition to the funny video she shared with Patrick Duffy via Instagram on April 28, “Happy Days” actress Linda Purl added the caption “Bionic! Yay!”

In addition, her followers on Instagram were happy to see that she was doing well. And, they were also happy to see that Patrick Duffy was by her side as she recovered.

“Hope you feel better soon!! Glad you have Patrick!!” one fan shared.

“I LOVE YOU TOGETHER,” another shared.

“Bless your heart and knee!! Godspeed to recovery,” one other supporter posted in response.

“Best thoughts for a safe and speedy recovery,” an additional post read.