‘Happy Days’ Created the Role of ‘Ralph Malph’ Due to Conflict in Casting

by Keeli Parkey

For fans of “Happy Days,” it is difficult to imagine anyone playing the iconic characters other than the actors who brought them to life on the screen. But, did you know that two of the show’s stars actually auditioned for the same role? Well, they did.

Those actors are Anson Williams and Don Most. And, according to an interview they gave with Australia’s Studio 10 in 2019, they both auditioned for the same role on the beloved sitcom.

That role was the lovable and goofy Potsie Weber. The role ultimately went to Williams. However, Most had given such a good audition that the powers that be behind “Happy Days” wanted to find a way to get him on the show, or so Anson Williams said during the interview.

“It has nothing to do with talent, getting the role of Potsie. It just has to do with combinations of people,” Williams said. “But, they were so impressed with Don.”

Williams also said that the character of Ralph Malph was not on the show runners’ radar during the audition process. This was the character Don Most went on to play on “Happy Days.”

In fact, Most got the job thanks to his audition for the other role, according to his co-star.

“No one ever auditioned for Ralph Malph,” Williams said. “(Don Most) created it because they admired him so much.”

‘Happy Days’ Costars Continued to Share Mutual Respect

While watching the interview, it is easy to see that Most appreciated the kind words his “Happy Days” costar shared about him. And, he shared those feelings.

“Thank you, my brother,” Don Most then said with a smile. “He’s my brother.”

And, in a move that showed that the two former co-stars still had the chemistry they did when appearing on “Happy Days,” Williams then said: “That’s 10 bucks,” as he held out his hand toward Most.

The man famous for playing “Ralph Malph” on the show later said the cast became like “a family.”

“(It) was fairly quick acclimating where everybody got close knit and started working as a team – and a family very quickly,” Most added. Williams, unsurprisingly, agreed.

You can watch Anson Williams and Don Most talk about “Happy Days” with Studio 10 in Australia below.

“Happy Days” aired from 1974 until 1984. It also starred such beloved performers as Henry Winkler, Ron Howard, Tom Bosley, and Marion Ross. It was created by the legendary Garry Marshall.