‘Happy Days’ Star Don Most Alluded to Issues Among Cast in First Days: ‘Did Take a Little Bit of Time’

by Chris Haney

Last year, Happy Days actor Don Most opened up in an interview about how the classic sitcom’s cast didn’t mesh right away like fans may have assumed.

Most starred as the character Ralph Malph on the popular ’70s television series. The actor played one of Richie Cunningham’s (Ron Howard) best friends on the show. Add Potsie (Anson Williams) and fan favorite Fonzie (Henry Winkler) to the mix, and the four boys made up the core of the sitcom’s cast.

The series revolved around the high school friends and their teenaged dilemmas. While the group seemed perfectly matched on-screen, it did take them a while to warm up to one another. As Most shared in his December 2020 interview with FOX News, the cast is like a family. In fact, the majority of the actors have stayed close through the years. Yet he also admitted it took them a little time to develop their friendships.

“It’s excellent. We’ve always been like a family,” Most said to FOX News. “Sure not during the first couple of days of shooting *laughs*, it did take a little bit of time to develop that kind of relationship. But it developed rather quickly. We became incredibly close and experienced so many things together as a family off-camera, as well as while filming.”

The Happy Days star went on to reveal how often he sees the main characters of the show. Fans will be happy to hear the four friends on the classic sitcom still stay in touch to this very day.

“Anson Williams, who played Potsie, we’re best friends and probably tighter now than we ever were. We talk to each other at least several times as well,” he added. “I spoke to Henry recently and Marion (Ross) too. Ron is probably the toughest to get a hold on, but we still stay very much in touch, probably more through email. And whenever he’s in town, we’ll catch up over lunch. It really does feel like a family.”

‘Happy Days’ Actress Marion Ross Shared How Fonzie’s Popularity Led to Cast Frustrations

While the Happy Days cast has stayed close to this day, that doesn’t mean they didn’t have some inner turmoil on set at times. Marion Ross, who played Richie’s mother Mrs. Cunningham, shared details about the show in her 2018 memoir titled My Days: Happy and Otherwise.

She wrote about the cast dealing with Fonzie’s sudden rise to stardom, which no one expected. Winkler’s character became an overnight sensation and showrunners wisely increased his role. Yet since the sitcom had already earned solid ratings, the other actors took issue with being in the Fonz’s shadow.

“The fact that Henry (Winkler) had risen to be the show’s breakout star, it did make the rest of us feel like we were supporting players,” Ross wrote in her book.

“I will never forget the day when, though the show was sitting strongly in the number one slot in the ratings, a dejected Ron Howard came into my dressing room and flopped into a chair,” she wrote.

“It’s just all about the Fonz,” Howard told Ross. “Every damn day it’s the Fonz this and the Fonz that. There are other people involved with this show other than him, ya know!”

However, Ross made it a point to separate Howard’s feelings about Fonzie in comparison to Winkler. The actress said that Winkler “never acted like he was the star or was better than anyone else.”