‘Happy Days’ Actor Don Most Detailed the Legacy of Tom Bosley After His Passing

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by John Heller/WireImage)

One factor that made the classic sitcom “Happy Days” so popular with its television audience was its beloved characters. There was “The Fonz” and Potsie and Richie and Joanie, just to name a few.

And, of course, there was the kind and wise Mr. Howard Cunningham. As played by actor Tom Bosley, “Mr. C” as he was often called on the show was a source of advice for his children, as well as many others.

Sadly, Bosley passed away on Oct. 19, 2010, due to lung cancer. He was 83 years old at the time of his death. The day after Tom Bosley died, one of his “Happy Days” costars appeared on CBS to share his thoughts and memories about his on-screen friend, Mr. C.

That costar was Don Most. He played the goofy and lovable character Ralph Malph during the show’s original television from 1974 until 1984. Most had many kind things to say about Bosley during the interview with CBS. He even referred to the Mr. C actor as “a great role model.”

“I think (Tom Bosley) would like to be remembered as a wonderful father, a terrific husband, a great friend, and an actor who really cared – cared about his work and cared about his fellow actors,” Most said in October 2010.

Most Used Wisdom Learned from Bosley While Raising His Own Children

Also during the interview, Most was asked what he shared about Tom Bosley with his own children. Turns out, Most turned to Bosley and his “Happy Days” character for wisdom when dealing with his children.

“What do I tell my kids? Well, there were times when I was at a loss of words of what to say to them in certain situations. And I think I would harken back to some of the episodes where he would say just the perfect thing to Richie,” Don Most said. “I would try to emulate that. I don’t think I was quite as successful as he was, but I tried. He was a great model to emulate.”

You can watch Don Most pay tribute to his “Happy Days” costar Tom Bosley below. Most’s comments about Bosley’s legacy begin around the 2:25 mark of the video.

Don Most Wasn’t the Only ‘Happy Days’ Actor Who Admired Tom Bosley

Don Most wasn’t the only actor who worked with Tom Bosley on “Happy Days” who praised him following his death in October 2010.

Another one of those actors was Ron Howard, who played Bosley’s on-screen son, Richie Cunningham.

“Tom’s insight, talent, strength of character, and comic timing made him a vital central figure in the ‘Happy Days’ experience. A great father and husband, and a wonderful artist, Tom led by example, and made us all laugh while he was doing it,” Howard said.

Henry Winkler, who played “The Fonz” in the show, also mourned Bosley.

“He was our television father on the sound stage, but a father figure in real life,” Winkler said.