‘Happy Days’ Star Don Most Theorized on Why There’s So Many Famous Redheads in Comedy

by Joe Rutland

A lot of redheads, from Lucille Ball to “Happy Days” star Don Most, have made their mark in comedy. Most offered some thoughts on it.

“Maybe for a guy, it’s tough being a redhead in some ways because sometimes you get picked on or made fun of and called ‘carrot top’,” Most said in a 2021 interview with Harvey Brownstone.

“And maybe the girls, you know, would prefer the guy with dark hair or the blonde,” Most, who played Ralph Malph on “Happy Days,” said. “For a female redhead, it was fine but for a guy, you know, maybe you wouldn’t have thought of as the real deal, sexy, attractive one.

“So maybe they felt like they had to find something else that could elevate them,” Most said. “Maybe it was humor.”

Brownstone mentioned a number of redheads, besides Ball, in the world of comedy. Red Skelton was a famed film and television comedian. Actor-comedian Danny Kaye starred in numerous movies. Adding a more current name to that list was comedian Carrot Top.

Most appeared on “Happy Days” for seven seasons and made a guest appearance in the show’s final season on ABC.

‘Happy Days’ Star Recalled Times Where He Couldn’t Get An Audition

After leaving the highly popular sitcom, Most found getting an audition was quite difficult. He talked about his plight a bit with Brownstone.

“I went six months, I couldn’t even get an audition for a film or anything like that,” Most said. “It definitely was a challenge. But, you know, I just kept plugging away and I started doing theater.”

Most said he could not even get an audition because of his association with “Happy Days.”

“It was very difficult,” Most, who left “Happy Days” after his contract was up after seven seasons, said. “One of the reasons was I felt like I had been playing that character for seven years and I was already getting typecast and all that. That’s not who I was. I was not like that character and as an actor, [and] I wanted to play different roles.”

His interest was more toward being a dramatic actor. Most said when he first moved out to Los Angeles from the East Coast, he was able to get roles on hour-long dramas like “Emergency!” and “Police Story.”

Most, though, always dreamed of being a standards-and-swing type of singer. A man who would take songs from “The Great American Songbook” and put his own spin on them.

That’s what he is doing these days. But Most also found work in the theater world, even sharing time with another TV series star.

Most teamed up with “The Waltons” actress Judy Norton for a 2016 production of “Hello, Dolly!”