‘Happy Days’: Henry Winkler Addressed If Another Character of His Gets More Attention Than the Fonz

by Clayton Edwards

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Henry Winkler? There are no wrong answers. After all, Winkler has held many roles during his long acting career. At the same time, he has done so much more than act. He has produced television shows as well as films. Winkler has also penned several books. There isn’t too much that the former Happy Days star hasn’t done.

However, many people will always remember him as the Fonz. Which, is completely understandable. After all, that is the role that made him a star. The Fonz kicked open countless doors for Henry Winkler early in his career. At the same time, it showed the world just how intuitive he was as an actor and overall creator. He made changes to the Fonz’s dialog and mannerisms. Those changes are the things that made the character iconic. So, in a way, they elevated one another.

On the other hand, Henry Winkler has starred in dozens of other films and shows since then. He has also lent his voice to several animated shows. So, it would also be understandable if people remembered him for other things. For instance, his roles in Arrested Development or The Water Boy Some might even remember him for being covered in bees in Little Nicky.

Henry Winkler sat down with the Los Angeles Times back in 2017 to talk about his career. During that interview, they talked about Arrested Development much more than they did Happy Days. At one point, Winkler talked about whether or not his new roles had overshadowed his classic character.

Henry Winkler on His Most Prominent Role

The interviewer wanted to know “Has Barry Zuckerkorn (Winkler’s Arrested Development character) replaced the Fonz as the first thing people bring up with you?”

Henry Winkler said, “I swear to you it depends on the generation.” He went on to say that people all over the world asked him when the Arrested Development movie was coming. They would tell him that they had seen every episode of the show multiple times.

However, younger kids only know Henry Winkler as an author. He wrote a series of books focused on a boy named Hank Zipzer. Hank, like his creator, suffers from dyslexia. Winkler wanted to inspire children who suffered from the disability so that they didn’t struggle like he did when he was young.

On the other hand, Henry Winkler said that outdoorsmen want to talk about the adult book he wrote. That book is about fly fishing for trout and is called I Never Met an Idiot on the River.

Winkler has enjoyed a long, varied, and fascinating career. His work has taken him to places that he never imagined he would go. However, he will forever be the leather jacket-clad greaser with a heart of gold to us.