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‘Happy Days’ Star Henry Winkler Used ‘Arrested Development’ to Describe His Strict TV Watching Habits

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images)

At this point in his career, Henry Winkler is a bona fide star. He got his big break on Happy Days. The Fonz brought thousands of viewers in every week. Winkler starred in The Night Shift while the show was still on the air. Then, he transitioned to working behind the camera as a producer. Later in life, he penned a whole stack of books for children. He even wrote a book about fly fishing for trout. Somewhere in there, he found time to appear in dozens of television shows as well as feature films. The guy is a workhorse.

Henry Winkler has a huge body of work that spans generations. So, there’s plenty to talk about. With all of that, some things are bound to get lost in the shuffle. Many of his fans are content to learn about his professional life. However, some fans want to know more about Winkler as a person. In all of his interviews, he seems like such a sweet and genuine guy. So, it’s easy to see why people would be interested in getting to know the man behind the iconic roles and inspiring books a little better.

In 2017, Henry Winkler sat down with the Los Angeles Times to talk about his life and career. During that interview, he pulled back the curtain a little bit and showed a glimpse of his home life.

Henry Winkler On His TV Viewing Habits

The moment in which Henry Winkler talked about his TV viewing habits came from a discussion about the new (in 2017) episodes of Arrested Development on Netflix. He was discussing how the episodes fit together. Then, the interviewer wanted to know, “What’s your preferred viewing order for the new episodes?”

Henry Winkler said, “I always start from the beginning.” However, it sounds like it might be more of his wife’s choice than his. Winkler went on to say, “My wife is a stickler about, if we have something TiVoed and there are three or four of them, I cannot watch the most recent one.” Honestly, that sounds like the best way to watch most modern television shows. Even light-hearted sitcoms contain character arcs, today. So, you have less of a chance of getting lost that way.

Henry Winkler said that he had to watch Arrested Development in order. About that, he said, “It’s confusing enough as it is.” Winkler said that someone asked him where the logic was in the show. He replied, “That word has never been used about this show in its entire career.”