‘Happy Days’ Actor Henry Winkler Couldn’t Stop Talking About Trout Fishing in Hilarious 2018 Q&A

by Evan Reier

Look, Henry Winkler is a simple man. The former Happy Days star still acts often, but at the end of the day, he just wants to hit the river.

This isn’t new to us, as Outsider has enjoyed seeing the man behind “The Fonz” get after the trout. The star posts frequent photos of his hauls and days out on the water.

Back in 2018, Vanity Fair sat down with Winkler to give him some brief, but poignant questions. And while there are plenty of answers focusing elsewhere, the reoccurring theme in the interview is how often the Happy Days legend brings up trout and fishing.

For example, the first question is asking Winkler about his idea of “personal happiness.” As one can surmise, that happiness needs some trout in the mix.

“The entire family being healthy,” Winkler said. “Being on the set of Barry, and a rainbow trout on my line.”

Essentially, a happy family, satisfying work and success in his favorite hobby. We can’t argue with that.

Fishing comes up again when Winkler is asked about his “favorite journey to take.”

“To any fly-fishing stream in the world, or to anywhere in Italy.”

Maybe some fly-fishing in Italy? Talk about a dream day for the Happy Days legend.

And to just show exactly how much Winkler’s life and thoughts revolve around fishing, he has a simple answer when asked “Where would you like to live?”

“In the mountains along a trout stream,” Winkler replied.

Like we said, Winkler is a simple man.

Happy Days Star Henry Winkler Loves to Fish

If it wasn’t clear enough, Winkler isn’t just a talker. He proudly shows his escapades on Twitter, when he’s able to get out.

You don’t have to go far back to see one of his most recent hauls, back on June 17. The Happy Days icon hoisted a gorgeous rainbow trout while out on the water.

The actor’s huge smile can only make us grin ourselves. There’s nothing like a good day out on the water, and getting a solid catch or two is just gravy.

However, Winkler has faced some criticism for being a fishing enthusiast. Pretty much whenever Winkler posts a photo of his fishing activities, there are users saying that he should not fish. It seems as if Winkler gets and respects where they’re coming from, but he offered his reasoning for trout fishing.

In a since-deleted tweet, Winkler replied to critics in May.

“I won’t eat a trout in a restaurant,” Winkler replied to a critic. It is hard to find quality trout in restaurants, so he definitely has a point there.

At the end of the day, Winkler lives his best life. There may be others that don’t support his fishing habits, but that hasn’t slowed him down.