‘Happy Days’: Henry Winkler Exchanged Numbers with Paul McCartney But Never Hung Out for One Reason

by Keeli Parkey

You arrive at a party. You scan the room and surrounded by a crowd are “The Fonz” from “Happy Days” and one of The Beatles. And, you make your way to that duo as quickly as possible. You stand and listen to them trade stories from their careers and it’s thrilling.

This, of course, is a dream – because sadly Henry Winkler and Paul McCartney never had the chance to hang out, which is a real shame. How cool would it have been to listen in on a conversation between a television icon and a music legend? Wonder what they would have talked about?

According to Winkler, he and McCartney actually exchanged phone numbers with the hopes of hanging out one day. Unfortunately, this never happened.

The “Happy Days” star talked about this during an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

“I met Paul (McCartney) on Lexington Avenue (in New York City,” Winkler told the host. “We’re walking down the street, Stacy and I, my wife and I. And, Paul is … and we stop …”

What happened next is almost too cool to believe. And, in telling the story the “Happy Days” star breaks out in a British accent.

“And, he goes, ‘The Fonz,'” Winkler recalled with a surprised face. Of course, this drew a big laugh from Jimmy Kimmel and the audience.

“That’s pretty good,” Kimmel then said with a laugh.

Bystander Joins In On Conversation Between Henry Winkler of ‘Happy Days’ and Paul McCartney of The Beatles

Unsurprisingly, because their conversation took place on a busy New York City street, the encounter between “The Fonz” from “Happy Days” and one of The Beatles did not remain private for long, according to Henry Winkler.

“And then, it was so great,” Winkler said. “Because had this conversation. A woman came out of a flower shop, gave us two roses, and then said, ‘Could I stand here?'”

It was McCartney who responded to the woman’s question. And in recounting it, Winkler again did his British accent.

“We’re talking,” Winkler said as his mimicked Paul McCartney.

Now able to focus on their conversation, the legendary Beatle then gave Winkler his telephone number.

“He said, ‘We should get together,'” Winkler recalled.

Unfortunately, the meeting did not happen due to a pretty funny reason.

“Did you call him,” Kimmel obviously asked.

“I did,” Winkler emphatically responded. “He never answered.”

Winkler, of course, gave the delivery of “He never answered” with great comedic timing. Kimmel cracked up, as did the audience. You will crack up too if you watch the interview. You can watch Henry Winkler talking about Paul McCartney on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” below. Winkler begins talking about McCartney around the two-minute mark of the video.