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‘Happy Days’: Henry Winkler Explained Why Ron Howard Was His ‘Teacher’ During Stardom

by Will Shepard
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Henry Winkler has since overcome the struggles of being pigeonholed as “Fonzie” from Happy Days. Now, he is likely best known for his role in Barry. Nonetheless, he had to start somewhere, and that starting place was as Arthur “Fonzie” Fonzarelli.

During his time on Happy Days, the actor apparently had a lot to learn. Winkler was 27-years-old when the first season of the show began airing. One of his co-stars, Ron Howard, was instrumental in his growth as a person and as an actor.

Howard began acting at an incredibly young age on the hit show The Andy Griffith Show. Consequently, his fame as an actor rose immediately. So, when Winkler began getting lots of notoriety for his work on Happy Days, Howard was there to help.

Reportedly, their relationship was outstanding. Not only did they have excellent chemistry on set, but they also formed a great friendship bond. Both Happy Days actors were able to help each other in their careers.

“Happy Days” Star, Ron Howard, Helped Henry Winkler Deal With Newfound Fame

In an interview with Closer Weekly, Henry Winkler explains just how positive of an impact Howard made on him. The bond between the two Happy Days actors is certainly deep and quite evident from this episode.

“The human condition does not prepare you for stardom. That’s just the way it is. So you have to hold on to yourself, and then you’ve got friends like Ron who doesn’t take it at all seriously. I learned from him; he was my teacher. And [producer] Garry Marshall never took bad behavior from anybody. He was a father figure. He was very funny and very idiosyncratic, and then he was very strict.”

There are certainly a lot of things to learn about how to handle yourself when you become famous. Ron Howard taught the star of Happy Days how to still be himself.

Having role models that have already been down a road you’re heading in is the perfect scenario. For Winkler, this was a benefit that Howard was able to share with his Happy Days co-star.