‘Happy Days’ Legend Henry Winkler Shows Off Fishing Haul in Epic Photos

by Thad Mitchell

An avid outdoorsman and fisherman, former “Happy Days” star Henry Winkler took in a nice fishing haul earlier this week.

Known for comedic roles in films and television, such as “Happy Days,” Henry Winkler loves to be on the water. His social media accounts are littered with beautiful photos of his most recent catches. Thursday was no different as he shares his catches of the day with fans and social media followers. It is safe to say that Winkler had a successful day on the water and judging by the big smile on his face — he deeply enjoyed himself. He posted two separate photos on his Twitter page to show off his two lovely catches.

“OMG finally!” he tweeted along with the pic. Winkler doesn’t reveal his location in the social media post but it appears he is in a small fishing boat with gorgeous clear water beneath him. He certainly appears proud of his sizable fish with an ear-to-ear grin bursting with excitement.

It wouldn’t be the only social media post Henry Winkler shared on Thursday. In the next photo, he expresses relief at finally making a catch on the day.

“To end the day,” he proclaims in the tweet.

Much the same as the first photo, Henry Winkler is all smiles as he proudly displays his latest catch. You also get a glimpse of his canine companion in the background in this photo. Hopefully, his four-legged friend was able to keep his composure at his owner’s catch and not bark, which would drive fish away.

Winkler certainly looks to have picked a perfect day to partake in his hobby as the skies are perfectly blue without a cloud in the sky. Gentle rolling hills emerge in the background and his selected body of water appears pristine.

Congratulating Henry Winkler on his catch, several fans of the actor note his positivity having an effect on them.

“Last year when the pandemic 1st hit I remember your post about not being able to go fishing,” a Twitter user writes. “Your post was so profoundly positive it stuck with me. It’s so wonderful to see such joy upon your face again.”

Henry Winkler recently caught some flak from environmentalists for posting a fishing photo and captioning it. The caption read “I can’t even the beauty everywhere on our planet” which struck a nerve among animal activists.

Many naysayers used social media to criticize the Hollywood star for disturbing a natural habitat. Commenters say Winkler should have immediately released the fish back into the water instead of pausing for a selfie. Others tell Winkler he should seek options of enjoying nature that don’t involve harming animals. Henry Winkler took the comments in stride suggesting he has tremendous respect for Mother Nature.