‘Happy Days’: Henry Winkler’s Grandson Once Hilariously Dressed up as Fonzie for Halloween

by Chris Haney

While speaking to journalist Anderson Cooper, Happy Days star Henry Winkler admitted that one of his grandchildren once amusingly dressed up as Fonzie for Halloween.

While making an appearance on Cooper’s Full Circle show, the anchor spoke about his love for Happy Days while growing up. The CNN journalist asked Winkler about a rumor he heard as well. Cooper heard that one of Winkler’s young grandchildren had dressed up as “The Fonz” for a recent Halloween. That’s right, basically, Winkler’s grandchild went as his grandfather’s Mini-Me when he selected a Fonzie costume.

The legendary actor confirmed the hilarious story with an emphatic, “Yea! Oh my gosh,” before giving a big thumbs up. He said that his second oldest grandchild, his grandson Ace, dressed up as Fonzie – slicked-back hair, leather jacket and all. However, Cooper had an equally, if not even more amusing story to tell of his own childhood Halloween costume.

In addition to Winkler’s grandson dressing up, Cooper revealed that he also wore a Fonzie costume for Halloween as a kid. However, he made one huge mistake with his hair.

“[It] resonates with me because I went as Fonz for Halloween too, which I think I’ve told you once before in the past. I put Vaseline in my hair, not realizing Vaseline doesn’t come out very easily. So for several days afterward at school I was mocked. But I had a great Halloween night,” Cooper amusingly admits to Winkler.

The two men shared a laugh over the mishap. In true Fonzie fashion, if Cooper wants to copy the character’s greaser style, he should probably trade the Vaseline in for a hair pomade next time.

Henry Winkler Shared Amusing Moment With Grandson While Watching ‘Happy Days’ Together

During Cooper’s conversation with Winkler, the pair spoke via virtual conference call in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic last year. They covered subjects ranging from Winkler’s early acting career up to his recent starring role in HBO’s Barry.

Cooper had already told Winkler how big of a fan he was of Fonzie. Additionally, the journalist asked Winkler about his grandchildren who are growing up with “The Fonz” as their granddad. The actor then revealed a hilarious anecdote about Ace, which occurred while watching Happy Days together during quarantine.

“Ace, who is the second oldest grandchild, we’re sitting on his couch and we’re watching Happy Days. He looks at me, and looks at the screen. He looks at me [again], and looks at the screen. And he went, ‘Papa, your hair is different!’ I said, ‘Yes, I dye it now,'” Winkler said with a laugh to Cooper, referencing his silver hair.

His young grandson may not have understood his Papa’s joke since his grey hair wasn’t dyed. The Happy Days star’s trademark slicked-back hair used to be dark brown before aging took over. However, even though it turned grey, Winkler has a full head of long hair. Not bad for a 75-year-old. Most of us would be lucky to have his hair later in life.