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‘Happy Days’ Icon Henry Winkler Says Only a ‘Cataclysmic Event’ Can Bring USA ‘Back Together’

by Evan Reier
Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images for WGAW)

It seems as if Happy Days legend Henry Winkler is pondering the future of the United States on the weekend of Fourth of July.

At 75-years-old, Winkler breaks the stereotype of folks his age. An avid user of Twitter, Winkler shares his thoughts and experiences often. Recently, we here at Outsider have been all about his fun fishing excursions.

But on Saturday July 3, Winkler didn’t have much fun in a now-viral tweet. The Happy Days actor instead thinks the United States is going to need something seriously drastic for the country to unite.

“We are So divided as a country,” Winkler wrote. “Only a cataclysmic Event , that makes us depend on one another again , can bring us back together.”

It’s understandable that Winkler might feel this way within the current political climate. However, many followers and users don’t think the actor is giving enough respect to the COVID-19 pandemic.

For example, user @BigLeeBronzer says the pandemic was exactly what Winkler says the country needs.

“We just had a cataclysmic event. It didn’t work.”

Winkler did respond, saying, “The Pandemic pushed the world inside creating a world apart.”

Podcaster and writer Shiv Ramdas compared Winkler’s comments to a character from the graphic novel, The Watchmen in a sardonic reply.

“Millions of people died and are still dying from a global killer virus pandemic,” Ramdas wrote. “Like just how cataclysmic are you aiming for here anyway, you are starting to give off some serious Adrian [Veidt] vibes here pls don’t do anything rash, Henry, I am begging you”

For context, Adrian Veidt, also known as Ozymandias, was a villain in the novel that ended up decimating the population to save the world. Obviously, this is a joke.

Happy Days Star Henry Winkler Has Similarly Morbid Tweet

The day prior to his viral cataclysm tweet, Winkler also shared a vague, but clearly angry thought on the platform.

As Outsider talent Clayton Edwards wrote about, the former Happy Days actor said, “If there is NO ACCOUNTABILITY ..my Anger will become un – manageable” on July 2.

It’s unclear what Winkler is talking about, but one can only guess that it’s something related to current events. Obviously, Winkler is struggling with something happening in the world today. As to what it could specifically be, we won’t guess.

Fans did try to cheer him up, with one sending him a pic of an adorable dog in a meadow.

The pic must have at least helped a little, because it did catch Winkler’s attention. The Happy Days icon gave the fan a reply with a brief, but sincere response.

“What a loving face,” Winkler answered.