‘Happy Days’ Star Henry Winkler Responds to Massive Bug Pic: ‘Not Welcomed in My House’

by Joe Rutland

While as an Outsider seeing bugs might be exciting and interesting, don’t count on “Happy Days” star Henry Winkler to welcome one of them.

Winkler, who played “The Fonz,” or Arthur Fonzarelli, on the long-running ABC sitcom, responded to a tweet from fellow actor Diedrich Bader.

Take a look at the Twitter interplay between the “Happy Days” star and Bader.

As we said, Winkler won’t be opening up his front door for this bug anytime soon. It will not get the “red carpet” treatment, either.

Winkler has gone on from “Happy Days” to be involved in films and other TV shows like HBO’s “Barry.”

Still, his character from the ABC show remains at the forefront of classic TV fans’ minds. We know some Outsiders like to sit down and watch their favorite shows, too.

We probably won’t see Henry Winkler hang out with Bear Grylls anytime soon, though. If he’s not letting this little guy in at home, then it’s almost certain that he wouldn’t be caught dead eating one.

“Happy Days” ran for 11 seasons. Ron Howard starred as Richie Cunningham, while Winkler also gained stardom as “The Fonz.” But that character really started as one in the background. When show writers decided to focus more on Winkler’s character due to fan response, that changed the show itself.

In fact, Howard almost left after show producers wanted to rename it “Fonzie’s Happy Days.” That didn’t sit well with Howard. Ultimately, show creator Garry Marshall told Howard that wasn’t going to happen and it didn’t at all.

‘Happy Days’ Star Enjoys Great Outdoors, Though, In Fly Fishing

Let’s get back to Winker and bugs. His dislike for a bug coming into his home, in a sense, makes sense. Winkler, though, is an Outsider at heart because he loves to go fly fishing.

Yes, you might find the “Happy Days” star out on a river or creek bed somewhere casting his net and fly-fishing for hours.

In a 2019 interview with WGN-TV, Winkler talked about his experience. When asked if he makes his own flies, he said, “No, I don’t. I depend upon the kindness of Justin. Justin is my guide. Jason is my guide. Rowan was my guide.”

Winkler said these guides “have boxes and boxes of these little tiny things that I have no idea how to make.”

So, what’s his strategy out there? “I go there. I stand in the boat, I get tangled,” Winkler said.

What does Winkler do when that happens? Hold onto your seats, fellow Outsiders.

“I turn my rod,” he said. “I say, ‘Oh, Jason, I’ve got a problem.’ And then I light a cigar and enjoy Idaho.”

That’s some star power right there, huh.