‘Happy Days’ Icon Henry Winkler Doubles Down on Controversial Post About Bringing Americans ‘Together’

by Clayton Edwards

Many celebrities embark on an online apology tour as soon as they get backlash for something they’ve said. We’ve all seen it happen countless times. Commentators apologize for hot takes. Comedians say they’re sorry for making jokes. Currently, it seems like it’s rare to see a celeb sticking to their guns. Henry Winkler is doing just that on Twitter.

Recently, Henry Winkler tweeted that we needed a “cataclysmic event,” to heal the division in the world. He most likely made the statement with good intentions. However, many of his followers as well as other Twitter users sounded off, showing their displeasure. This is where many celebs would launch a tweetstorm begging for forgiveness and making excuses. Winkler, on the other hand, is prepared to stand his ground against his outraged critics.

Now, Henry Winkler didn’t post a whole new thread explaining why he was right and everyone else was wrong. That’s just not his style. Instead, the former Happy Days star chose to reply to some critical tweets directly.

Henry Winkler Doubles Down

One of the biggest arguments against his “cataclysmic event,” hot take was the pandemic. Millions of people died from it. At the same time, it turned much of the world on its head. So, to many COVID-19 coupled with the other events of 2020 were cataclysmic enough. However, that did nothing to bring us together.

Henry Winkler had a fairly logical reply to one Twitter user who used this argument. “The pandemic pushed us inside away from each other, “he replied. “No, that was not it.”

In another reply, Winkler explained this point a little differently. He said, “The pandemic pushed the world inside creating a world apart.” That’s where he left it.

A quick look at Henry Winkler’s Twitter feed shows that he replied to two of over three thousand comments. However, most of the comments cited the pandemic, the current fire in the ocean, and the attempted insurrection from January. The only real difference between those replies was how condescending the authors wanted to be. It was a wide range that went from friendly and light-hearted to downright insulting.

The Twitter users citing the pandemic as the kind of event that Henry Winkler mentioned are off the mark. The United States has weathered pandemics before. There was a killer flu outbreak in 1918. It spawned the same kind of division. Additionally, San Francisco saw an outbreak of the bubonic plague between 1900 and 1904. That’s right. The bubonic plague, the Black Death, the Great Mortality, the plague that snuffed out a third of Europe hit the West Coast. It was no unifying force for the country.