‘Happy Days’ Icon Henry Winkler Has Hilarious ‘Panic’ Advice About Vacations

by Jennifer Shea

“Happy Days” star Henry Winkler knows the pain of a waning vacation. In a recent tweet, the Hollywood icon sympathized with a Twitter user who said she was panicking at the thought of her vacation ending.

“How soon into a vacation are you allowed to panic about it eventually ending?” the user posted. “I threw a fit on the way there is that ok.”

“perfect… You are so fine until two days before you are going home,” Winkler tweeted.

‘Happy Days’ Icon Set to Headline Hospice Luncheon

Meanwhile, while Winkler may have vacationed this summer, he’s not taking a break from charitable endeavors. The “Happy Days” star is set to appear as the keynote speaker at the 13th annual Tidewell Hospice Signature Luncheon on Feb. 4 at the Sarasota Ritz Carlton.

The luncheon is Tidewell’s main fundraising event, according to the Bradenton Herald. It aims to fund the hospice services that Tidewell offers to more than 9,000 patients per year, whether or not they are able to pay.

Previous keynote speakers have ranged from “Little House on the Prairie” star Melissa Gilbert to Broadway star and Judy Garland progeny Lorna Luft to Olympic gold medal figure skater Scott Hamilton.

Winkler Is Known as Kind in Hollywood

Among his Hollywood peers, Winkler is known as a kind person. But his kindness clearly extends to random Twitter users, too.

In a chat last year with actress Drew Barrymore on her new talk show, Winkler shared his philosophy on kindness. He was inspired to do so by a compliment from Barrymore.

“When I met you when I was young, you actually changed my life forever because The Fonz – the most important man on the planet – was nice,” Barrymore said, per Fox News. “I was like, ‘Then everybody has to be nice because The Fonz is nice.'”

“There was something about your kindness that made me know that that was the marching order of life,” she added.

“That is one of the most wonderful compliments I’ve ever gotten,” Winkler replied. “I never think of being nice, I think of being grateful. I think that I am so happy that I get to do what I dreamt of doing and it has grown over the years.”

Winkler got his breakthrough role, Fonzie on “Happy Days,” on his 27th birthday. And he got his role on HBO’s “Barry,” for which he won an Emmy Award, on his 72nd birthday. So Winkler has plenty to be grateful for.

And it seems the famously kind Winkler is paying his good fortune forward, whether that be through a charity luncheon or by passing along hilarious vacation advice on Twitter.