‘Happy Days’ Icon Henry Winkler Pays Tribute to Legendary Comedian Jackie Mason Who Died This Week

by Madison Miller

Comedian to comedian, “Happy Days” legend Henry Winkler is paying his respects to Jackie Mason who passed away this week.

Jackie Mason was known for his legendary decades-long career in standup comedy. He died at the age of 93. He started his career as an amateur boxer as well as an ordained rabbi before his rapid-fire, observational comedy became his trademark.

Henry Winkler Tribute to Jackie Mason

He would often lean heavily into his Jewish culture for jokes and commentary. He even ran a vlog called “The Ultimate Jew” on his website. Some fans may recognize him as the voice of Rabbi Hyman Krustofsky in 11 different episodes of the classic show, “The Simpsons.”

Henry Winkler wrote on his Twitter account, “Truly one of the funniest shows I have ever seen .. ever .. thank you Jackie and now you get to make heaven laugh.”

Jackie Mason was known for the borscht belt style of comedy, which he helped to keep alive for years. He was a part of a series of one-man shows on Broadway, to which Winkler is likely referring.

His comedy would reflect all the tiny indignities he experienced on a daily basis. His unwavering sense of disbelief and awe left audiences in stitches. “I used to be so self-conscious, that when I attended a football game, every time the players went into a huddle, I thought they were talking about me,” Mason once said during a show, according to The New York Times.

Henry Winkler was raised alongside the values of Conservative Judaism as well.

‘Monsters at Work’ Series with Winkler

Henry Winkler has recently put his own extensive comedy skills to use in the Disney+ series, “Monsters at Work.”

The series focuses on the characters and universe from “Monsters, Inc.” Instead of running the power plant on the scares from children, it now runs on laughter. This is what fuels Monstropolis.

During the 10-episode series, Mike Wazowski and James P. “Sulley” Sullivan return to the screen. There are new monsters as well, which includes Fritz, voiced by Henry Winkler. Val Little is voiced by Mindy Kaling and Tylor Tuskmon is voiced by Ben Feldman.

“I love being part of this ensemble, but what I’ve learned is that, if it’s not on the page, it’s not on the stage. Bobs [Gannaway] directed us and oversaw the writing of this incredible team. Then, I got to act with Ben. I didn’t see Billy, John or Mindy, and if we’re picked up, I hope that I get to do that. It’s unbelievably great. It is so much fun. And I love the way he looks,” Winkler said to Collider.

Henry Winkler is also in post-production for “Shoot the Rooster.”