‘Happy Days’ Legend Henry Winkler Posts Heartwarming Message About Late ‘Love Boat’ Actor Gavin MacLeod

by Clayton Edwards

Most fans know Henry Winkler from his time on Happy Days. After all, the Fonz made him a legend. At the same time, the role’s popularity helped make the series a hit. However, Winkler has had plenty of other roles since then. He even had a number of acting gigs before and after donning the iconic leather jacket.

Before Henry Winkler was the Fonz, he was an uninvited party guest on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, according to The AV Club. In fact, that was his first primetime TV role. At the time, he was, pretty much, fresh out of Yale drama school. So, he definitely has fond memories of his time on that show as well.

Gavin MacLeod, who played Murray Slaughter on The Mary Tyler Moore Show passed away yesterday. MacLeod also starred as Captain Stubing on The Love Boat. Yesterday, Henry Winkler paid his respects to the late TV legend with a sweet post.

In the post, Winkler re-tweeted Morgan Fairchild’s announcement of MacLeod’s death. Then, he added that his first job in Hollywood was with MacLeod. He praised the late Love Boat star for being so inclusive. Henry Winkler ended the post by saying, “SailAway in peace, Sir.”

Posts like this are a stark reminder that the people we see on television are just that, people. They build lasting connections and they feel the pain of loss just like anyone else. Henry Winkler is known for being a genuine and sweet guy. This post highlights that in a very real way.

Henry Winkler on The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Henry Winkler appeared in season four episode “The Dinner Party,” as Steve Waldman. Mary throws terrible parties. This one is no exception. However, she thinks that she has everything planned out. Sue Anne Nivens (Betty White) is preparing a nice dinner. Mary even invited a congresswoman to the party. Then, Rhoda brings a date. The problem is, there aren’t enough chairs.

Henry Winkler only had four lines in the entire episode. However, his charisma combined with the talented cast of regulars helped him shine in that part.

In 2017, just after Mary Tyler Moore passed away, Henry Winkler spoke briefly with CNN. The focus of the interview was, obviously, Mary’s passing. However, they did discuss the show a little. Winkler said that he landed that role just five days after landing in Los Angeles for the first time. Looking back, he said that was an incredible experience.