‘Happy Days’: Marion Ross Revealed Details About Fonzie and Mrs. Cunningham’s Behind-the-Scenes Antics

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

No doubt you “Happy Days” fans have noticed when Fonzie and Marion Cunningham have a scene, it can get interesting. Marion Ross knows it can.

Ross, who played the endearing Mrs. C to Henry Winkler’s cool-as-a-cucumber Arthur Fonzarelli, remembered times that didn’t make it into episodes. Spending hours on a set can sometimes need a little humor and spicing up.

Well, this took place on “Happy Days” and Ross talked about it in an interview for the Archive of American Television.

‘Happy Days’ Star Admits Mrs. C Character Loved The Fonz

“He would treat her in such an adoring way,” Ross said. “Of course, she just loved him, loved him. We used to make lots of gag shots about, like our flub wheel, with Marion coming down from upstairs with Marion buttoning her dress up, and all these things we would shoot.”

Ross point-blank said that she adored Winkler. “He’s such a fine man,” she said.

But Mrs. C and The Fonz also would goof around in character on “Happy Days” as Ross talks about a particular situation.

“I have a wonderful relationship with The Fonz, whom I would call Arthur, and he would put his head on my shoulder,” Ross said. “And we have this wonderful little bit of film that ABC has used a lot.”

Ross talked about having the film inside the camera thanks to “Happy Days” director Jerry Paris. She said there was a playful mood on the set.

Ross Recalls Cooking Up Special Scene That Leaves Audience Aghast

One time, she and Winkler planned a little scene out themselves.

“On an afternoon rehearsal and audience is there and everything, we planned this little thing,” Ross said. “The Fonz is helping me take my coat off. I turn around and kiss him on the mouth. Tom’s (Bosley), Howard, is standing there and I continue to talk to Howard and I said something and turn around and kiss The Fonz right on the mouth again and turn around and talk to Howard and went right on.”

She said the studio audience was suddenly very quiet. Ross wondered if she went too far.

As she starts to laugh, Ross said, “We’d do that type of thing over and over again. Tom was furious at me.”

For those wondering, Ross is still alive and well at 92 years old. She’s enjoying retirement after a long, winding career in show business. Many, though, hold her time on “Happy Days” as a sweet memory.