‘Happy Days’: Marion Ross Described the One Time ‘Mrs. C’ Stood Up for Herself

by Chris Haney

During an interview last year, Happy Days star Marion Ross, who played Mrs. Cunningham, spoke out about the one time her character stood up for herself.

Ross talked with TVLine in May during an extensive Q&A interview. The publication caught up with iconic TV moms as part of a series celebrating Mother’s Day 2020. The “TV Mom Memories” segment saw Ross opening up about her 11 years on Happy Days.

The popular sitcom star touched on co-star Henry Winkler, his shark-jumping episode, and her personal favorite moments on the show. The reporter asked about fan interactions when they meet Ross. He asked if there’s one particular episode that fans bring up when meeting her in person. The actress said there are many, but selected one vital episode where Mrs. C had enough of her husband’s demands.

“There are so many, there are so many…. One that comes up a lot, and that I personally loved, was the episode where Marion gets mad at Howard [in Season 4’s “Marion Rebels”]. It was the one time she stood up for herself,” Ross explained to TVLine before breaking down the scene.

“He wanted his dinner and I went to the refrigerator and I said, ‘You want your dinner?? I’ve got your dinner! [Slamming uncooked food in front of him] Here’s your salad… your potato… and your steak! Live it up!!’ And then she storms out the door,” Ross recalled with a laugh. (You can watch the scene on Facebook.)

‘Happy Days’ Actress Marion Ross Opens Up About Why She Got Into Acting

During a 2018 interview, Marion Ross opened up about what prompted her to pursue an acting career. The famous actress wrote a memoir about her time on Happy Days – one of the most popular television shows of all time. She wrote My Days: Happy and Otherwise, which released in March 2018. The same month, she gave an interview to a reporter over the phone at Smashing Interviews Magazine.

Their conversation touched on her lasting friendships with Ron Howard and Henry Winkler. They spoke about the #MeToo movement and the differences between Hollywood then and now. Of course, Ross shared numerous details of her time on Happy Days as well.

In addition, the actress opened up about her childhood and her lack of attention while growing up. She says that being the second daughter and having a crippled brother meant she was often ignored within her family setting.

“I had a crippled brother, and I’m the second little girl, so I didn’t get a lot of attention. I had to work hard to get attention, you know,” Marion Ross told Smashing Interviews Magazine.

Yet Ross says the lack of attention helped turn her into who she is today. Additionally, her mother ingrained in her daughter that she could “be anything” she wanted to be.

“Well, it made me what I am. I just had to become somebody, whatever that means. My mother was a Canadian, so I always say, ‘My mother was an immigrant.’ She was an Irish Canadian from Saskatchewan, and she would very much always say, ‘You can be anything. You can be anything.’ So I thought, ‘I will be. I will be.’”