‘Happy Days’ Star Marion Ross Said Playing on the Show’s Softball Team Kept the Cast Together

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

During a recent appearance on the Media Path Podcast, “Happy Days” star Marion Ross shared many memories from her time in the beloved sitcom. Ross, of course, played the character of Marion Cunningham – also known as Mrs. C – in “Happy Days.”

Ross is now 93 years old. And it has been almost 40 years since the last episode of the famous television series aired for the first time. During those many years, more and more people have come to love the show and its nostalgic look at American life during the 1950s and 1960s.

Fans obviously have many memories of watching the show. And, unsurprisingly, Marion Ross and the cast have many memories from their many years of working on the show. One thing she remembers about being part of the cast took place away from the set.

These memories involve the “Happy Days” softball team. That’s right – the show had its own softball team. And, based on what Ross said during the podcast, pretty much everyone from the sitcom’s cast was part of the team. Actors joined the team even though they had never played softball before.

“We had a softball team. And we got (Fonzie actor Henry Winkler) to do all the pitching. He had never played softball in his life and now he’s going to pitch everything,” Marion Ross also said.

Being part of the “Happy Dayssoftball team allowed Ross and her castmates to visit many places and meet many people. “We traveled all over the United States. We met everybody. …” Ross also said.

Marion Ross Said the ‘Happy Days’ Cast ‘Had a Good Time’ Playing Softball

The softball team did more than just allow the cast to go different places and meet different people. It also offered an important bonding experience for them. “I have a wonderful picture. …We would travel all over everywhere. … It was so fun, because – first of all, it brought us all together,” Ross also said.

Ross also shared other fond words about the “Happy Days” softball team. “We just had a good time. It kept us all together,” she said.

Marion Ross also displayed a photo of herself holding a softball bat in her “Happy Days” uniform during the podcast. This photo impressed podcast host, Fritz. “It’s like a shot from ‘A League of Their Own.’ There it is,” he said.

It’s interesting that Fritz should mention the film “A League of Their Own.” That film was directed by Penny Marshall. She is the sister of Garry Marshall. Garry, of course, was the creator of “Happy Days.”

You can watch “Happy Days” star Marion Ross talk about the show’s softball team on the Media Path Podcast below. Her comments on this fun bonding activity for the cast of the beloved television series begin around the 21-minute mark of the video.