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‘Happy Days’: Marion Ross’ Son Played George Washington in a Hilarious GEICO Commercial

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Beck Starr/WireImage/Getty Images

Acting and entertainment run in Marion Ross’s family. The “Happy Days” star once revealed that her son starred in a hilarious GEICO commercial.

Ross, of course, originally played Marion Cunningham, the mother of the family, on the ABC show. During her appearance, Ross received two different Primetime Emmy Award nominations.

Beyond that, Ross has also had two children that followed her into the entertainment world. Her daughter Ellen Kreamer is listed as a writer and producer for the popular show, “Friends.” She is also working on a new pilot for ABC. Meanwhile, her son, Jim Meskimen, has a number of entertainment credits as well. He was in “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” as well as “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” Marion Ross teamed up with her son for “The Boondocks” and “Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness.”

He also appeared as America’s First President in this funny car insurance advertisement.

In an interview with Smashing Interviews in 2018, Ross talked about her children and their connection to the entertainment world. She spoke fondly of both her kids and their various projects. She also revealed her son Jim got to be George Washington for a few seconds.

“Yes! That’s Jim. That’s my son as George Washington. My children saw how hard it was to make this business work, and they’ve done very nicely. I’m very proud of the job I did,” Ross said.

The ‘Happy Days’ Star’s Son Appeared As George Washington

In the ad, Jim is seeing crossing the Deleware as George Washington. This time, however, it’s the Deleware turnpike as a number of cars honk at him and his crew pushing the boat to move out of the way. Despite the surprising sight, the company says how much people save with Geico is not at all surprising.

Geico is known for its humorous commercials. From the Geico gecko to the infamous caveman, Geico really lets oddity be their selling point.

Besides the commercial, Jim Meskimen has made a name for himself through impressions and as a voice artist. He was even a contestant on Season Eight of “America’s Got Talent.” He has also become popular in video game voice acting. He’s done work for the “Baldur’s Gate” series, “Call of Duty” series, “Diablo,” and several different “Batman” video games.

Jim also had a number of roles in TV and movies from “Avatar: The Last Airbender” to “Family Guy” to “Batman: Gotham Knight.”

Both of Marion Ross’s children followed the “Happy Days” actor into entertainment. And as a mother, she couldn’t be prouder and happier of her children’s accomplishments. After all, how many mothers can say their son is George Washington?