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‘Happy Days’: What is Mrs. Cunningham Actor Marion Ross’ Net Worth?

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Fotos International/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Happy Days fans will surely remember Mrs. Cunningham on the hit sitcom played by Marion Ross. If you’ve ever wondered about her net worth from her long Hollywood career, we’ve got you covered.

The mom on Happy Days became a household name during her time on the show from 1974 to 1984. However, her acting days began years before in Carver County, Minnesota during her high school days. Ross went on to study acting at the San Diego State University School of Theatre. By 1953, Ross had already made her feature film debut in the Golden Globes-winning Forever Female.

For the next three decades, Ross had a steady career while making numerous appearances in movies and television shows. Of course, she shot into true stardom once Happy Days took off in the mid-70s. Yet even once the classic sitcom went off-air, Ross continued to work for years. She had recurring and guest roles on many other more modern shows. They include Gilmore Girls, That ’70s Show, The Drew Carey Show, Nurse Jackie, and Grey’s Anatomy.

The 92-year-old actress has worked for decades and earned a great living in Hollywood. In addition, she’s purchased multiple properties through the years. She owns a home in Woodland Hills, California she bought in 1980 for $285,000, which is now worth more than $700,000. Over the next decade she put another $600,000 into building additions to the property that she calls Happy Days Farm. Furthermore, Ross also owns another home in Cardiff by the Sea, which is close to San Diego.

All in all, Marion Ross is worth an estimated $10 million these days, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

‘Happy Days’ Actress Marion Ross Opened Up About What Inspired Her To Get Into Acting

In a 2018 interview, Happy Days actress Marion Ross revealed what inspired her to pursue a career in acting. In March of that same year, she released her memoir about her experiences on the classic TV program. My Days: Happy and Otherwise came out in March 2018, and she spoke with a Smashing Interviews Magazine reporter by phone that same month.

The pair’s conversation eventually turned to her early acting days and where she got her start. Ross said that she felt a lack of attention from her family during her childhood. She was the second daughter and had a crippled brother, which meant she often took a backseat to her siblings.

“I had a crippled brother, and I’m the second little girl, so I didn’t get a lot of attention. I had to work hard to get attention, you know,” Marion Ross told Smashing Interviews Magazine.

Yet Ross says the lack of attention contributed in a large way to who she became as a person and as an actress. Additionally, her mother encouraged her that she could “be anything” she wanted to be in life. She took that to heart.

“Well, it made me what I am,” Ross said. “I just had to become somebody, whatever that means. My mother was a Canadian, so I always say, ‘My mother was an immigrant.’ She was an Irish Canadian from Saskatchewan, and she would very much always say, ‘You can be anything. You can be anything.’ So I thought, ‘I will be. I will be.’”