‘Happy Days’: Ralph Malph Actor Don Most Gave Advice on How to Avoid a Career of Typecasting

by Jennifer Shea

For its stars, typecasting was one of the pitfalls that followed the astronomical success of “Happy Days” during its run from 1974 to 1984.

Ralph Malph actor Don Most knows it well. Typecast as a class clown after his stint on “Happy Days,” Most had to learn how to avoid typecasting in his later career.

In a June interview with Harvey Brownstone, Most offered some words of advice to young actors who are worried about being typecast. He said doing theater and aggressively networking are two ways to try to escape that trap, and above all, stick with it.

“You know, if you’re having trouble getting the kinds of roles that you want, do theatre where you can,” Most said. “Because then you’re, you know, working the craft and the muscle, and you keep growing. And you want to just keep growing and so that you’re ready. Be ready to take on those [different] kinds of roles.”

“Theatre might be an easier way to play different kinds of roles than in TV and film, when you’re fighting that,” he added. “And then just keep your eyes and ears open and network as much as you can, because you never know where that opportunity might come from. Perseverance is one of the most important things you can have.”

Watch the interview in full here:

‘Happy Days’ Co-Stars Reunited Last Year

In April of last year, Most reunited with his “Happy Days” co-star Anson Williams, who played Potsie on the show. The two of them appeared together in their first scripted performance since “Happy Days.”

In the YouTube comedy, titled “Harvest Time,” the two actors played brothers. One of them is on dialysis and desperately needs a transplant (Williams). His brother (Most) vows to donate his own kidney… until a better offer comes along on eBay.

“All the people who grew up watching the show ‘Happy Days’ should get a big kick out of seeing Anson and I together again, especially in a completely different way,” Most said, according to Fox News. “It will surely surprise people, but it will definitely entertain, make you laugh, and [you can] discuss it with others afterward. Please note it is PG.”

“With families sequestered together during our current crisis, Don Most and I thought how great it would be to air a show, starring us for the first time since ‘Happy Days,’ in totally different roles,” Williams added. “[It’s] a chance to bring a bright spot to viewers during this unnerving time… ‘Harvest Time’ is definitely a show that will help forget your troubles and bring back a happy day.”

Most told Fox News that the cast of “Happy Days” has remained good friends over the years. They became like a family over their decade of performing on the show, he said.