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‘Happy Days’: Ralph Malph Actor Don Most Explained How Cast Made Show ‘Look Easy’

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

Happy Days served as the jumping-off point for many careers. A couple of the standout names among the classic cast are Henry Winkler and Pat Morita. The latter went on to take the iconic role of Mr. Miyagi in the Karate Kid franchise. The show introduced the world to the late, great Robin Williams. Another star-in-the-making that used the series as a springboard was Donny Most.

Donny Most played Ralph Malph, the wisecracking friend of Potsie and Richie. Nowadays, he goes by Don Most. Happy Days went off the air decades ago. However, Most’s career continued to grow. Over the years, he showed up in several films and hit TV shows.

He also took to working behind the camera. Most has directed two feature-length films as well as a short film and a limited series. So, he has stayed busy over the years. In the mid-2010s, he released a couple of swing albums. His first was a Christmas album, Swingin’ Down the Chimney Tonight, the other was Mostly Swinging.

Don Most still looks back fondly on Happy Days, though. During an interview with The Boise Beat, Most talked about his musical career as well as his time on the classic sitcom.

Don Most Says the ‘Happy Days’ Cast Made It Look Easy

When asked about his favorite memory on the set of Happy Days, Most said he couldn’t pick just one. The actor-turned-singer said that there were so many great stories from the set that it would be impossible to narrow it down to just one. He did, however, say that there was one thing that really stuck out to him. Most said that the cast and crew were incredibly talented and had a great working relationship.

Don Most said that there was mutual respect between everyone on the Happy Days set. On top of that, they were a team of talented people who all took the work very seriously. This hard work and mutual respect, he said, made it look easy. Each episode took days of work to prepare for and shoot. However, the audience just saw a group of people having a great time.

Most said that he cast was only part of the equation. He also credited director Jerry Paris as well as Happy Days creator and director Jerry Marshall with making the show what it was. Under their guidance, the cast’s talent was focused to create the best show possible.