‘Happy Days’: Ralph Malph Actor Don Most Now Performs 1950s Swing Songs

by Suzanne Halliburton

Happy Days liked to show off its musical talent, from Anson Williams (Potsie) singing to show creator Garry Marshall playing drums in the Arnold’s house band.

But Happy Days helped launch the musical career of Donny Most, aka Ralph Malph, one of Richie Cunningham’s best friends. Most, who is 67, still is singing, with his music stylings hovering around the mid-20th century. He likes to sing from the Great American Songbook, which encompasses music from 1920-60. We’re talking George Gershwin and Cole Porter. The Happy Days star also likes to pull from the Rat Pack songbook, most notably Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin.

Most and Williams recently sat down with a reporter from Australia to do an interview with the morning show Studio 10. It was a where-are-they-now sort of feature. And the two Happy Days standouts, who are friends in real life, still are singing and performing.

Yes, They Both Had Happy Days. But Did You Know Ralph Malph Can Sing?

Anson Williams took over the interview about Happy Days. He wanted to talk up Most.

“Can I brag about him?” Williams asked. “He’s one of the best in the country, best in the world at the American Song Book. I’m going, holy crap. Do you have a CD in there?”

Of course, Most had a CD with him. He found it in his bag and showed it off. The album is called Don Most, Mostly Swinging. It’s on Amazon. And 66 percent of the reviews are 5 stars. We’re not sure who was writing the reviews. Anson Williams could be doing it. But the top one read:

“I listen to it constantly–you will not be able to get these songs–and his voice–out of your head. And that’s a good thing!!!

“Donny Most’s name should be uttered with the likes of Sinatra, Martin, and Darin. Anyone who loves jazz, big band, etc would do well to have this at the top of their shopping list, and on REPEAT once it arrives!!! An outstanding performer who is even more amazing live! No electronics here; he’s all voice. Eagerly awaiting his next release.”

Back to the Happy Days interview for Australian TV, Williams continued to rave about Most’s music.

“It’s phenomenal and I’m so proud of him,” Williams said. “I’d do anything in the world (so) that the world knows this.”

It’s like the two still are Ralph and Potsie. Most tells Williams, aka his hype man, “what a buddy, what a friend.”

Williams Said He Wanted Music On Show So Stars Could Make Money Off of It

Anson Williams said that while they were on Happy Days, he’d hear from his friends on other shows about getting into music. It paid very well.

“David Cassidy, I knew,” Williams said of the Partridge Family star. “He had tremendous success off the show, singing. The Brady Bunch, they’re singing all over the world. Barry Williams (Greg Brady) is telling me how much money he’s making. I had this idea, I got to Garry Marshall and said, ‘we got girls in the show, we’ve got cars in the show, we need a band in Arnold’s.

“I got a record deal and started singing,” Williams said of his Happy Days tenure. He added that he was making $900 to $1200 a week on the show.

“I’d get $17,000 a night doing a concert.”

Most and Williams still perform together. And Most has his own gig, too. He’s still acting. He wrote on Twitter that he’d just landed a part on a Lifetime holiday movie.

He also tweeted a link to a new song.