‘Happy Days’ Star Ron Howard Shares Throwback Photo of ‘TV Dad’ Tom Bosley at His Wedding

by Keeli Parkey

Children across the United States have been celebrating the fathers in their lives today (Sunday, June 20, 2021).

Fathers come in many different forms. There are those who are our biological fathers. Then you have the surrogate fathers who advise us and help us during our lives. There are also the men who are spiritual advisors.

For Ron Howard, one of the fathers in his life was the actor who played his fictional television father on the famous show “Happy Days.”

That actor was Tom Bosley. Bosley played the Mr. Howard Cunningham to Howard’s Richie Cunningham. As portrayed in the popular 1970s series, their relationship was one for the ages.

Richie often made mistakes – as do so many of us during our teenage years. Usually, his father was there to offer words of wisdom and comfort that helped the boy along the way. The show presented an idealized portrayal of the parent-child relationship.

Ron Howard’s ‘Happy Days’ Costar Tom Bosley Attended the Future Director’s Wedding in 1975

The impact Tom Bosley had on Ron Howard during their “Happy Days” years wasn’t lost on Ron Howard during Father’s Day 2021. Howard shared a sweet tribute to his television father via Instagram on June 20. As part of that tribute, the “Happy Days” actor and future acclaimed director shared a photo from his wedding day. The photo captures a moment where Howard, Bosley, Howard’s wife, and a friend shared a special moment on that important day.

On a side note – Tom Bosley wasn’t the only television father who was on hand for Ron Howard’s wedding so many decades ago. Andy Griffith – the man who played Howard’s character Opie’s father Sheriff Andy Taylor – was also present for the event. The two famously worked together on “The Andy Griffith Show.”

#AndyGriffith wasn’t the only TV dad at our #wedding #1975 Here you see #HappyDays Dad #TomBosley along with my buddy from Burbank Noel Salvatore,” Howard posted on Instagram.

Father’s Day is a Great Day to Celebrate Tom Bosley’s Work on Famous Sitcom

For most viewers of “Happy Days,” Tom Bosley was a surrogate father. He was often firm. But he was also kind and loving – and he gave great advice. In so many ways, he was the ideal television father.

Here’s an interesting tidbit about the famous television series – it was the relationship between Bosley’s character Mr. Howard Cunningham and his fictional son, Richie, that pushed Tom Bosley to take the role.

“After rereading the pilot script, I changed my mind because of a scene between Howard Cunningham and Richie,” Tom Bosley once said. “The father-son situation was written so movingly, I fell in love with the project.”

Bosley, of course, wasn’t the only person who loved the show.. Television viewers fell in love with the 1950s world “Happy Days” presented. They also fell in love with the many unique and funny characters on the show. Of course, one of the most popular of those characters was Arthur ‘Fonzie’ Fonzarelli as played by Henry Winkler.