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‘Happy Days’ Star Explained How He Adjusted to Fame from Role, Learned to ‘Appreciate’ It

by Jennifer Shea
Rachel Luna/Getty Images

“Happy Days” star Don Most doesn’t mind being famous. It doesn’t bother him when people recognize him from the show. And he never tires of hearing Ralph Malph references from “Happy Days” fans of any age.

In an interview with Fox News, Most talked about how he became famous, how he adjusted to his newfound celebrity and what he’s learned from the experience.

“In the heyday of the show, when we were the number one show in the country, there was no Internet, no cable,” Most explained. “You only had three networks. So we would have 50 million, 60, people watching us every Tuesday.”

‘Happy Days’ Star Went Through an Adjustment Period

With tens of millions of Americans glued to “Happy Days,” its stars quickly rocketed to fame. And Most had to go from being a nobody to being a public figure renowned for his acting. But it wasn’t all fun. It required some adjustment.

“So of course, as much fun as it might have been in the beginning, there was an adjustment period,” Most said. “And certainly, there was a difficult time adapting to that.”

Over time, however, Most grew to understand and like his legacy as Ralph. He even got used to being recognized by strangers.

“Today, I appreciate it greatly,” Most went on. “I still get recognized sometimes and it’s completely manageable. And I appreciate it. I don’t have a problem with that whatsoever. The only problem I experienced, early on, was that I wanted people to be open to me as an actor, not just like that one character. And that was a difficult thing to do after the show.”

“It’s a double-edged [sword] to be part of an incredibly successful show because it does bring a high level of association with that one role,” he added. “And I was never really like Ralph in real life. But still, you get typecast.” 

Henry Winkler Also Had to Adjust

Perhaps the toughest adjustment was that facing Henry Winkler, who played the Fonz, and who became the top male TV star of his era. But according to Anson Williams, who played Potsie on “Happy Days,” Winkler really kept his cool even at the height of Fonzie-mania.

“Henry was, he became the number one star in the world,” Williams said in an interview with Australia’s Studio 10. “But Henry always, always kept his cool. Never put it into anyone’s faces. Always collaborative, always a team player. But it was just quite remarkable to see the effect of that character. And believe me, that character was invented by Henry. He invented that character.”

Apparently, all the stars of “Happy Days” have had to reconcile themselves to celebrity. And in Most’s case, making that adjustment has made him a happier person.