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‘Happy Days’ Star Explained Why He Followed Ron Howard into Directing

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by John Heller/WireImage/Getty Images)

“Happy Days” ended up helping star Ron Howard get to his dream of being a film director. Another star on the show followed suit.

“What I love about it is the fact that I am able to combine a lot of different crafts or fields,” Don Most said in a 2017 interview with The Boise (Idaho) Beat. He said the first one was “the focus was always on the character and finding the character and making the scene come to life and making it as vibrant and real and artistic as it can be.”

Most, who played Ralph Malph on “Happy Days,” said that a director has to bring that to a scene and put the actors in sync with it.

“I also love storytelling,” Most said. “So combining the whole narrative of the piece, you have to be very aware of how you’re telling the story and all these individual scenes, making them ‘fly,’ to come to life.”

‘Happy Days’ Star Involves Love Of Photography Into Work As Director

As of 2017, Most said he had done three films and had several projects he was excited about.

“The last one I did was about five years ago, maybe more,” Most said and that would put that film in 2012 or before. “So I’m getting very eager to do some more.”

He mentioned his love of photography, which blends into being a director.

“I used to be into photography a lot, so bringing that visual component to the equation was the third part of the trifecta for me,” the “Happy Days” star said. The three, in review, were character development, storytelling, and photography.

Most stayed for seven seasons, then left the ABC sitcom. He would make a guest appearance during the show’s last season in 1984.

Post-TV Show Life Wasn’t Always Fun As Star Couldn’t Get A Job

But the actor has been truly focused on his singing career in recent years. Most developed a love for the music of Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin, and other “Great American Songbook” singers when he was a child. That’s what he has been focused on with his jazz and standards career.

Life for Most, though, wasn’t easy after leaving “Happy Days.” He had a tough time finding any work. Even auditions were hard to get as well.

“I went six months, I couldn’t even get an audition for a film or anything like that,” Most said in a 2021 interview with Harvey Brownstone. “It definitely was a challenge. But, you know, I just kept plugging away and I started doing theater.”

He said that he couldn’t get an audition because of being tied to “Happy Days.”

“It was very difficult,” Most said. But he has persevered since his days on the classic TV show.