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‘Happy Days’ Star Henry Winkler Announces the Birth of His Sixth Grandchild

by Courtney Blackann
(Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

“Happy Days” star Henry Winkler has a lot to celebrate today. He announced the birth of his sixth grandchild in a tweet expressing his excitement. The actor already has a lot of accomplishments in his lifetime. He can now add six-time grandad to that list.

Fans reacted to the news with major congrats, sharing in the joy of the moment. Winkler said both parents are doing extremely well along with the new grandbaby. Though he didn’t share any photos, we’re sure the little one is absolutely adorable.

“Our 6th Grandchild arrived this afternoon .. Mom and and Dad and their daughter Are SO fine . And we are so happy,” the actor said in the tweet.

He additionally posted a follow-up thanking everyone who took time to wish them well.

Several people had many wishes to bestow on the “Happy Days” star.

“I’m a little old for this to be possible lol but I only really knew one grandfather, who I loved beyond words and sadly was taken too soon 26 years ago….but I’d love to have you as my grandpa! Those six lucky babies! Cent’Anni!” on tweeter said.

Another user was thrilled for Winkler and his family as well.

“Aww! Congratulations! You and Stacey must be in seventh … or is that sixth? … heaven? Enjoy! I know how much you love the grandkids!!! So glad to hear all went well!” the user said.

Further, one person expressed the blessings growing families bring into grandparents’ lives.

“Congratulations. It’s magical how each child can make your heart feel full. Then, as each grandchild comes along, we find that even a full heart has room for this new person. God bless your child and new granddaughter,” the tweeter posted.

We’re sure Winkler will love the new addition to his family! Congrats!

Henry Winkler Shares Motivation That Keeps Him Going

When he’s not welcoming new babies into the world, Henry Winkler loves to take on new projects. Though he’s not driven by fame, he does have a strong work ethic. The actor recently shared that he has some interesting motivators that keep him going strong.

“Anxiety and fear,” Winkler says. “Fear that I will not be relevant. And I don’t mean famous, I just mean that I will not be in the mix. I take my pick and my axe and I go to work everyday and I mine the system. I don’t wait necessarily for it to come to me.”

Whatever he’s doing, it’s working. Winkler is involved in a number of projects. He’s also shown that he’s super versatile, having taken on roles on comedy, drama and horror. And he does it all with a sense of groundedness.