‘Happy Days’ Star Henry Winkler Hilariously Guessed What Fonzie is Up to Today

by Emily Morgan

If one person can guess what The Fonz would be up to today, it’s Henry Winkler. From 1974 to 1984, Winkler portrayed the character on the classic sitcom “Happy Days.” Decades later, The Fonz is pure Americana and simply a legendary relic of pop culture. 

While he’s gone on to play other roles after the series ended his run, Winkler has nothing but gratitude for the character. However, according to Winkler, it took him a while in his career to escape the typecasting that came along with playing the show’s most recognizable character. 

Henry Winkler on What His ‘Happy Days’ Character Would Be Doing Today

“For years people would say ‘wow we love him, he is so good — but he played the Fonz. And I would not get the part,'” he said during a 2018 interview with Indie Wire. “That was up until the mid ’90s. Slowly it started to shift.” Yet Winkler continues to have a fondness for The Fonz. He even has a couple of ideas about what The Fonz would be up to today if the show still taped new episodes. 

“He reads my children’s books. Now he’s an executive. His one garage, the Bronco garage in Milwaukee, has become a franchise across the country. He still wears leather, he sits behind that desk in leather!”

He also added at the time that, while he cherished his “Happy Day” memories, he would probably pass on a “Happy Days” revival. “Not me! There’s not enough leather. I don’t know if I could fit inside that jacket!”

However, Winkler would have to eat his words. In late March, the “Barry” star teamed up with People and the SAG-AFTRA Foundation for a “Happy Day” virtual table read. Henry Winkler was the only “Happy Days” alum to participate. 

The virtual table read was put on to raise funds for the SAG-AFTRA Foundation. The money will provide financial and medical assistance as well as disaster relief for SAG-AFTRA members in need. In addition, the funds will pay for scholarships for members and their families. It also helped fund the foundation’s education initiatives, including a children’s literacy program called Storyline Online.

While Winkler was the only original cast member in attendance, it featured an all-star cast of Hollywood icons. Glenn Close read for Mrs. C, John Carroll Lynch as Mr. C, Eli Goree as Richie, Aldis Hodge as Ralph, Jamie Chung as Joanie, Luke Newton as Potsie, and Nicola Coughlan as a waitress at Arnold’s.