‘Happy Days’ Star Henry Winkler Continues Living His Best Life Fishing on Idaho Vacation

by Suzanne Halliburton

Happy Days star Henry Winkler should make a movie about fishing in Idaho on an idyllic June day.

Then he can ask “is this heaven?” Wait, that line was used for a baseball movie. But Winkler currently is living his version of nirvana.

On Saturday, he again documented the fish he caught. He captioned the Trout photo “What a way to start a Saturday.” He’s been making all 828,000 of his Twitter followers extraordinarily jealous. Here’s something to make us feel better. Idaho isn’t immune to the heatwave hitting a large chunk of the country. So the Fonz from Happy Days probably did sweat some during his fishing expedition, although he wasn’t wearing leather.

Winkler also made jokes with other Tweets. He is, after all, on vacation. He showed a photo of his shadow and introduced us to a butterfly. The Happy Days star has been doing this stuff for the past three days. He never says where he is, only that he’s on vacation in Idaho.

He’s a huge fan of fly fishing to the point that he uses the leisure activity as a reflection of his being.

“It is the greatest metaphor for life,” Winkler told InsideHook back in 2019. “You have got to take a risk and try and get your fly in the most inaccessible water. You have to take a risk of losing the fly if you want to get something on it. (And) you have got to be very patient, and once you get the fish on, you have to stay calm.”

Winkler Became a Pop Culture Phenom in the 70s. He Finally Won an Emmy Decades Later

Winkler became a permanent fixture in our pop culture history back in 1974 when he became the break-out star of Happy Days. He was supposed to play a recurring character. But the country fell in love with Fonzie, his black leather coat, his charm and his ultra-coolness. Fonzie said “heeeeeeey.” And we’re still all enamored by a character from the 1950s.

His next truly delicious role didn’t come until 2018. That’s when he earned the part acting coach Gene Cousineau in HBO’s Barry. It’s certainly not family-friendly show Happy Days. Barry is a comedy about a hitman taking acting classes. Winkler finally won an Emmy in 2018 at age 73.

When Winkler won, the crowd gave him a standing ovation. He’d been nominated three times for Happy Days, but never won the Emmy. Winkler gave the speech he prepared the first time he was nominated for Happy Days.

“I only have 37 seconds,” Winkler said in his acceptance speech. “I wrote this 43 years ago. Can I just say (agent) Skip Brittenham said to me a long time ago, ‘If you stay at the table long enough, the chips come to you,’ and tonight I got to clear the table.”

So, you can see Henry Winkler’s fly fishing analogy is at work in other areas of his life besides a river bank in Idaho on a sunny summer day.