‘Happy Days’ Star Henry Winkler Pulled a Classic Work-From-Home Move in Recent Interview

by Chris Haney

During a virtual interview this morning with Happy Days star Henry Winkler, the Fonzie actor hilariously revealed that he was wearing pajama bottoms while speaking with the hosts. Those of us that have worked from home the last year know the move all too well.

Winkler joined the hosts of Good Day Philadelphia this morning. That’s when Winkler amusingly opened up to the hosts about his interview attire.

“Do I appear as if I just woke up?” he asked the hosts. Keep in mind, he’s wearing a suit jacket and button down shirt underneath. By all appearances, it looks like he’s been up and ready for the interview for hours. That’s where you’d be mistaken.

“There are parts of me that are still in pajamas,” Winkler amusingly reveals.

Then, Winkler stands up and shows that he’s not joking at all actually. The hosts burst out with laughter as he pulls up his Polo pajama pants to show them off. Evidently the Happy Days star almost missed his interview.

“I’m not kidding, I flew out of bed. My agent, Carol, in New York City just called me and said, ‘Are you ill?’ I got out of bed so quickly. I don’t know if my hair is brushed at all, but the jacket looks good doesn’t it?” Winkler joked.

“Henry Winkler gave us quite a show during our zoom interview this morning,” host Alex Holley joked on Twitter.

“That was so much fun .. thank you three,” Winkler responded to the host.

Henry Winkler Explains Why He Isn’t Anything Like His ‘Happy Days’ Character Fonzie

Henry Winkler might have played high school dropout Arthur “Fonzie” Fonzarelli during all 11 seasons of Happy Days. But as he once explained, he couldn’t be more different from the character in real life. It’s a testament to how talented Winkler is at his craft that he could put on the facade of “The Fonz” and it be so believable.

However, before taking the greaser role on Happy Days, Winkler was the furthest thing from a dropout. He went to multiple colleges and earned a masters while studying drama at Emerson College and Yale University. While speaking in a 2011 interview, Winkler opened up about the stark contrast between Fonzie and himself.

“What is interesting is that I went to college and studied drama,” Winkler explained. “I went to drama school and got a master’s degree. So I really wanted to be prepared. I really love my job. I am filled with gratitude that I get to do my job. The Fonz was as far from me as you could possibly be.”

“I’m playing this tough Italian; I’m a short Jew. He rode a motorcycle, and I had trouble with a two-wheeler,” he hilariously added. “So that’s my job, is to create these people and make them come so to life that I’m having fun and you’re having fun watching.”