‘Happy Days’ Star Henry Winkler Says He’s ‘Ready to Visit’ Trout at the Bottom of Epic Icicle Covered Waterfall

by Katie Maloney

“Happy Days” Henry Winkler is ready to get back in the water for some fly fishing.

It’s been a sad year for outdoors enthusiasts. The pandemic shut down many businesses for the past year. However indoor locations weren’t the only restricted areas. Many parks and outdoor locations temporarily closed their doors to the public as well. Luckily, both businesses and parks are starting to open back up and outdoor enthusiasts can once again partake in their favorite activities. Actor Henry Winkler, who played The Fonz on “Happy Days,” is one of those dedicated outdoorsmen.

Henry Winkler shared a photo of a gorgeous frozen waterfall. Along with the photo, Winkler wrote, “Trout live at the bottom of these falls …. after 16 months I’m going to say hi.”

Henry Winkler Is a Huge Fly Fishing Fan

Can you picture The Fonz on a fly fishing trip? We wish “Happy Days” would have thought of that plotline! Maybe Arthur Fonzarelli wasn’t a fly fisher but Henry Winkler certainly is. During an interview in 2019, Winkler said that fly fishing is the perfect metaphor for life.

“It is the greatest metaphor for life,” said Winkler. “You have got to take a risk and try and get your fly in the most inaccessible water. You have to take a risk of losing the fly if you want to get something on it. You have got to be very patient, and once you get the fish on, you have to stay calm.”

Having grown up in Manhattan’s Upper West Side, Henry Winkler said he had no idea he’d someday travel the country in search of the perfect fishing spot.

“I didn’t know when I was younger how much I was going to love the river,” said Winkler.

He also didn’t know just how many lessons the sport would teach him. Winkler said that one of the greatest lessons fishing has taught him is how to stay centered and patient.

“That is one of the things I learned and then applied to my life,” said Winkler. “You cannot force the situation. The line is so thin between your fly and that fish that if you try to horse the fish it will break off. You have to be very patient and you have to play the fish. You have to gently move it from side to side. You gently have to keep it coming toward your boat. You have to feel the slightest tug and let the fish go, because sometimes the fish is very big and has a terrific fight.”

Spoken like a true angler, Henry Winkler!