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‘Happy Days’ Star Henry Winkler Reveals Talent He Wished He Had

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images)

We all wish we could have more talents. Some folks are talented in some things while other folks are talented in other things entirely. Henry Winkler, the star of Happy Days, wishes he had one more talent: singing.

It’s funny, for someone as talented and successful as Winkler you wouldn’t expect him to long for other talents — he is already so talented! He is also so very lucky.

But it does seem surprising that Winkler wishes he could sing, too. Would that mean a different career path if he had the gift of both acting and singing? We will never know. If Winkler were blessed with that gift, would he have carried on with acting or would he have pivoted to music full-time and we would not have seen him on our television sets over the next few decades? It is interesting to think about to be sure, what would have been if Winkler had the gift of singing to pair with the gift of acting.

What did Henry Winkler say?

From the interview: “I wish I could I sing. My dream is that I could sing like Brandi Carlile, Arceia, Bruno or The Boss.”

Winkler was asked all kinds of other questions throughout the interview. The interviewer noted that Winkler has written 37 children’s books to date. The latest book is about a “child who is a stranger in a strange land”, says Winkler.

He even had so much advice for kids saying, “You know, this is what I think, across the board in life, where there is a will there is a way. Because one thing doesn’t work in your brain, doesn’t even mean something else doesn’t work spectacularly well.”

This is awesome advice from the longtime Hollywood star, isn’t it? Although Winkler wishes he could sing, it is undeniable that he is talented in so many different ways. This kind of advice is brilliant for young kids who look up to him, but also adults who might need some encouragement.

What Now for Winkler?

Henry Winkler has stayed busy in his later years, but it wasn’t always so easy, starring alongside Bill Hader in the HBO drama Barry. He starred on Arrested Development, The Waterboy, and countless other roles through the years as the longtime Hollywood star has worked throughout and remained as funny as ever.

Whether it is writing children’s books to light up kids’ faces or through acting in serious comedies like Barry, Winkler is always a must-listen for fans everywhere.