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‘Happy Days’ Star Marion Ross Also Appeared as a Guest on Another Classic TV Show

by Atlanta Northcutt
(Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

The iconic actress Marion Ross, who portrayed the ultimate role of “Mrs. C” in Happy Days, continued to light up TV screens for several decades following her time on the beloved TV sitcom.

Ross, who played the role of Marion Cunningham was on Happy Days for all 11 seasons of the show, where she portrays a conservative housewife.

Her character is quite straight-laced, yet hilarious. “Mrs. C” seems to be open to taking “a walk on the wild side” every now and then, when absolutely necessary. Especially when it comes to the “Fonz.” She and ole’ “Fonzie,” who was played by Henry Winkler, even dance together on one episode.

Just Dance: The “Mrs. C” and Fonzie Edition


Marion Ross Shows Off Her Acting Chops

The female superstar received two Emmy nominations for her role as the matriarch of the Cunningham family.

After her starring role on Happy Days, Ross continued acting in other shows. The actress even went on, lending her voice to an equally loved cartoon series, Spongebob Squarepants.

But what happened right after Happy Days?

After “Happy Days”

The star continued to appear in other TV shows, including The Love Boat, Brooklyn Bridge, The Drew Carey Show, and Touched By An Angel. She took on the mean grandmother role like a champ on Gilmore Girls and That 70’s Show.

Ross never lent up, and she went on to capture even more nominations for her later career. In The Evening Star, a sequel to the hit film Terms of Endearment lent the star a nod at a Golden Globe for her portrayal of her character.

Marion Ross continued acting until 2018. She retired with a pretty hefty amount of roles, appearances, and nominations. Needless to say, Ross is and continues to be quite the Hollywood success story. If anyone can make it into their mid-90s and still receive recognition as a star, it’s Marion Ross.

“I love being connected to Happy Days because people respond in such a warm way,” Ross said. “It’s a lovely feeling to be a part of the American culture. We should all have happy days.”

Throughout her success, Marion Ross will continue to be best-known and most-loved for her character as Marion Cunningham, or “Mrs. C” on the sensational TV show Happy Days.