‘Happy Days’ Star Marion Ross Couldn’t Ever Figure Out Why Tom Bosley ‘Didn’t Like’ Her

by Joe Rutland

Marion Ross played the beloved Marion Cunningham on “Happy Days” but her connection with her costar Tom Bosley is quite a mystery.

Ross, who played the divine Mrs. C for 11 seasons on the ABC sitcom, talked about working with Bosley, who played Howard Cunningham.

“I didn’t get along so well with Tom Bosley, my husband,” Ross said in a 2019 interview with Australian TV show Studio 10. When asked why this was so, she said, “I don’t know. He didn’t like me and I’m not used to being not liked.

‘Happy Days’ Star Thinks Mr. C Actor Wanted Someone Else For Her Part

“I’ve spent my life making people like me,” Ross said. “I don’t know (why he didn’t like her). I think he wanted somebody else for that part.”

“Faye Dunaway was available,” Studio 10 interviewer Craig Bennett said. Ross replied, “I know, ‘You missed out, you missed out.’ But over the years, I learned to love him so much.”

Ross, who was born in Albert Lea, Minn., is enjoying retirement at 92 years old. She received two Primetime Emmy Award nominations for her work in 1979 and 1984. Bosley, who also starred in ABC’s “Father Dowling Mysteries,” died on Oct. 19, 2001, at 83 years old.

“Happy Days” came along for Ross after a slew of film appearances in ones like “The Glenn Miller Story,” “Lust for Life,” “Sabrina,” and “Operation Petticoat.”

Before she retired, Ross also did some voice-over work on shows like “King of the Hill.” Other TV guest-star and recurring role appearances were on shows including “That ’70s Show,” “Gilmore Girls,” and “The Evening Star.”

Ross, Henry Winkler’s ‘Fonzie’ Would Pull Off Antics Behind The Scenes

While we’re talking about Marion Ross, she and Henry Winkler in his “Fonzie” role used to have some friendly fun on the “Happy Days” set.

Nothing shady, but just good-natured fun. Ross talked about it in an interview for the Archive of American Television.

“He would treat her in such an adoring way,” Ross said. “Of course, she just loved him, loved him. We used to make lots of gag shots about, like our flub wheel, with Marion coming down from upstairs with Marion buttoning her dress up, and all these things we would shoot.”

Mrs. C and The Fonz also would goof around in character on “Happy Days.” 

“I have a wonderful relationship with The Fonz, whom I would call Arthur, and he would put his head on my shoulder,” Ross said. “And we have this wonderful little bit of film that ABC has used a lot.”