‘Happy Days’ Star Explained the Message of Erin Moran’s Tragic Life Struggles

by Will Shepard

There are a lot of people that grew up on Happy Days, and people instantly fell in love with its characters. It was an awesome show that aired on ABC for 11 seasons. Marion Ross can take a lot of credit for why the show was so successful.

During a 2019 interview with Australian TV show Studio 10, she talked about the struggles of one of her co-stars. Ross talked about an important message that Erin Moran came about because of her co-star’s life difficulties. For those who don’t know, Moran battled with stage four squamous cell carcinoma of the throat.

Nonetheless, in the interview, she shared some of the astounding details. Ross explained that she had the chance to speak with Moran before she passed away.

The Happy Days star then delivered the “message.”

“She was a precious little child,” Moran said. “Don’t put your children into show business.”

The interviewer wanted her to clarify what Ross said. So, she obliged and explained further what that meant.

“Now, Ron Howard is a different story. His father and mother were actors and knew how to handle him. [They knew] how to protect and take care of him.”

She then launched into a short story.

“We had a Happy Days cast party. Ron’s parents would take him home. Erin’s little, young parents would stay and party all night. They were more interested in her career, maybe, than she was. So, you’ve got to have some pretty levelheaded people involved in your life.”

Even though it may seem like harsh criticism of Moran’s parents, it comes across as a warning instead. There are so many things that can happen to young actors thrust into Hollywood.

“Happy Days” Star, Marion Ross, Believed That the Mr. C Actor Wanted Someone Else for Her Part

During this same interview, Ross talked about her husband, Tom Bosley. For those who watched the show, or know about it, you’ll know that the two got married. But, it wasn’t always amazing between the two of them.

The Happy Days star opened up about her relationship with Bosley. She shared some incredibly private details in the interview.

“I didn’t get along so well with Tom Bosley, my husband,” Ross said in the interview. When she was asked why this was the case, she explained, “I don’t know. He didn’t like me, and I’m not used to being not liked.

“I’ve spent my life making people like me,” Ross explained. “I don’t know (why he didn’t like her). I think he wanted somebody else for that part.

“Faye Dunaway was available,” Studio 10 interviewer Craig Bennett said. Ross said, “I know, ‘You missed out, you missed out.’ But over the years, I learned to love him so much.”