‘Happy Days’ Star Ron Howard Answers Hilarious Questions About Youth With Brother Clint

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

Most moviegoers are familiar with Ron Howard. He starred in The Andy Griffith Show and Happy Days and went on to direct blockbuster films like Apollo 13. However, some may not know his brother Clint Howard. At least, they may not know him by name. Clint is one of the most prolific character actors in Hollywood today. With over 250 film and TV roles under his belt, Clint Howard is the quintessential “that one guy from that movie.”

Recently, Clint and Ron Howard worked together on a book called The Boys: A Memoir of Hollywood and Family. Back in October, the Howard brothers appeared on The Drew Barrymore Show to talk about the book, working together in Hollywood, and growing up in the acting business. At one point, they answered a rapid-fire series of very telling questions. Earlier today, Clint Howard posted that clip to his Instagram feed.

Ron and Clint Howard Talk About Their Youth

First, Ron and Clint Howard revealed who was most likely to get in trouble as a kid. Both brothers agreed that Clint was the obvious answer. “I was a wiz-bang troublemaker,” said the younger of the Howard brothers. Ron chimed in, “He had a great sense of humor, said whatever was on his mind, and for the most part, it worked beautifully for him. Occasionally, you know, it got him in a little bit of trouble.” As for how Ron stayed out of trouble, he said, “I played it super safe. I was kind of a goody-two-shoes.”

A little later, the Howard brothers revealed which of them was their parents’ favorite. Actually, they each pointed at the other. Clint seemed surprised, “Really?” he asked. Ron Howard replied, “I think so,” he replied.  Then, he said, “They didn’t show favoritism. That was the blessing part of our relationship with our parents. They really loved us both for who we were, appreciated our personalities and skills.”

At one point during the Q&A session, the Howard brothers revealed who was the most likely to lie about seeing the other’s work. Ron Howard didn’t even try to deny it when his younger brother immediately pointed at him. With a big laugh, Ron agreed, “I guess that’s probably true.” However, Clint wasn’t upset about it. He said, “I know there’s been a couple of pictures that I’ve worked on that, God forbid, he would not go there and watch it.” Clint’s resume is full of gritty cult horror movies, exploitation flicks, and other niche projects. So, he obviously doesn’t expect Ron to see every film he’s in.

Ron Howard added that he might pretend that he watched a film his brother was in. “You can’t go wrong saying, ‘Hey Clint, you were very entertaining,’” he said.