‘Happy Days’ Star Ron Howard & Brother Clint Talk Working With The Ramones in Younger Days

by Michael Freeman

Happy Days star Ron Howard and his brother Clint have both led interesting, eventful lives. One of their more noteworthy encounters happened when they worked with punk rock band the Ramones decades ago.

Speaking to Fox News about their new memoir The Boys: A Memoir of Hollywood and Family, Ron and Clint recounted fascinating life happenings. They both vividly recall working with the Ramones in Rock ‘n’ Roll High School, noting how impressed they were by the band’s professionalism.

“I was blown away when I actually was in their presence the first time,” Clint told Fox News. “They took what they did very seriously. And even though Rock ‘n’ Roll High School was a comedy, in a way I was keeping it pretty loose because my character, Eaglebauer, was this whimsical sort of wheeler-dealer character.”

Clint continued his praise, saying they “had their game face on” during filming. It didn’t matter what the scene was, the band’s demeanor astonished him. Looking back at his previous film appearances, he expressed appreciation for the opportunities. “I’ve been very lucky and I’m very grateful.”

Ron chimed in shortly after, completely affirming what his brother said about the band. “It aligns with what Clint was saying about the Ramones – nobody skates through this at the highest level. They all pay a price. It’s a work ethic; it’s a commitment to excellence,” he said. Howard continued, saying, “It’s an expectation of themselves first and then those around them that if we’re engaged in this project, we’re trying to maximize it.”

Those curious about the memoir can read more through Amazon, Audible, and more as an ebook.

Ron Howard Says it’s ‘Very Flattering’ Being Approached Several Times for Different Roles Throughout the Years

Ron Howard is both a renowned actor and director who’s had many roles in the past few decades. Nevertheless, there have been quite a few acting positions he never took after focusing on directing. Despite not taking the roles, he finds it “very flattering” being approached for them.

In a separate Fox News interview, he talked about the possibility of him stepping in front of the camera again, rather than behind it. Though the idea humbled him, he reported being a bit too busy.

“Some interesting filmmakers have thought that it might be a good idea to try to get me in front of the camera again, which is very, very flattering,” Howard reflected. “But between all that Brian [Grazer] and I are doing with Imagine Entertainment and the work that I’m doing in both scripted and documentary filmmaking now has just got me incredibly busy.”

Regardless, it seems his daughter holds the key to Howard being onscreen. Rounding out his interview, he says she is following in his footsteps as a director. Should she call him up for a role, he wouldn’t say no.