‘Happy Days’ Star Ron Howard Congratulates Co-Star Don Most Ahead of ICFF Awards Ceremony

by Suzanne Halliburton

Happy Days friends remain friends for life. That’s why Ron Howard was wishing Don Most best wishes Saturday night.

As Happy Days fans know, Howard played Richie Cunningham. And Most was his best bud Ralph Malph. Almost four decades after the show went off the air, both still are involved in the acting business.

Howard switched to behind-the-camera work. He’s one of the best directors in the business, winning an Academy Award for A Beautiful Mind in 2002.

Most is an actor and singer. And his work is up for an award. That’s why Howard was retweeting Most with a special message.

“Wonderful to see this,” Howard said. “Congrats Don Most and lovely Morgan!

Happy Days Actor Is Up For Christian Movie Award

The photo shows Most and his wife, Morgan. They’ve been married since 1982, which was two years after Most left the cast of Happy Days. Most is up for best supporting actor for the movie, Lost Heart. It’s part of the International Christian Film and Music Festival. The awards ceremony is Saturday night (May 22) in Orlando, Fla.

Most’s character in the movie was witty like Ralph on Happy Days. But in Lost Heart, he plays a preacher in a small Michigan town. The movie received eight nominations from the Christian film festival. It’s about a burnt-out country singer who returns home for her father’s funeral. The movie also has a sci-fi element to it, with a discussion of UFOs. In this case, were the UFOs angels?

The reviews for the movie were good ones. The Christian site Dove.com wrote this about the movie:

“After watching Lost Heart, viewers will walk away with a sense of rejuvenation, recognizing that even people furthest from God can still be reached, and forgiveness is not unattainable. The message of the movie is clear and allows the audience to really resonate with the characters as each works toward his or her own personal growth. If you are looking for a great film with strong morals and some comedy tied in, look no further than Lost Heart.”

Since Happy Days, Most also has worked as a singer. He and Anson Williams (Potsie on Happy Days) even do shows together. The show helped launch singing careers of both actors.

Most, who is 67, loves music from the mid 20th century. He likes to sing from the Great American Songbook, which encompasses music from 1920-60. We’re talking George Gershwin and Cole Porter. The Happy Days star also likes to pull from the Rat Pack songbook, most notably Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin.