‘Happy Days’ Star Ron Howard Says He Doesn’t Often Reflect on Past

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

Happy Days star Ron Howard has a long, prestigious career behind him. With him being an incredibly successful actor and director, you’d think he’d often look back at what he’s seen and done. However, he recently revealed on social media he actually isn’t one to often reflect on the past.

On Twitter this morning, someone tweeted Ron Howard telling him they enjoyed his audiobook. In fact, they enjoyed it so much they wanted a physical copy to look at the photographs. Howard quickly responded, giving thanks, but also noting he doesn’t often look back to the past.

“Well, thank you,” Howard responded to the praise. “It was a fascinating experience going through all those photos as I’m not the type who pauses much to look back. Glad you enjoyed.”

It seems the user Ron Howard replied to isn’t the only audiobook fan this morning, as other followers sounded off too. “Great idea to use it to tell the story of your mother and father and the impacts they had on you and your brother. I’ve been Recommending since I finished as a cheery break from the news,” someone else wrote.

“We need more @RealRonHowards in this world is what I’m throwin down. One of a kind who I’ve admired all my life. You and your family are the real deal my good man,” replied another.

It’s interesting Howard doesn’t like looking back, given his success in life. Then again, maybe he doesn’t want to let it get to his head or simply doesn’t have the time. Regardless, he seemed to relish recently doing so.

Ron Howard Discusses the Most Personal Movie He Ever Made

With a plethora of movie and television projects under his belt, it’s probably tough for Ron Howard to pick a favorite. Though he couldn’t say which was his favorite in a recent interview, he did say which was the most personal.

Speaking on The Drew Barrymore Show, Ron and Clint Howard talked at length about their new audiobook. When Barrymore talked about films with personal impact, she brought up Parenthood. As it turns out, Howard feels similarly, stating a lot of the subject matter came from the people who helped make it.

“It’s probably the most personal film that I’ve ever made because so many of those stories came from one or the other of us – (Lowell) Ganz, (Babaloo) Mandel, Brian Grazer telling stories about, you know, sort of his childhood, but also his years as a dad,” Ron shared.

Ron said the idea for the movie actually came from a long flight to Argentina with his kids. Remember the projectile vomiting in the movie? That came from Ron’s daughter Bryce trying a sushi roll on the flight at four years old. It turns out she really liked it, but her stomach did not. After being bombarded with vomit, Ron had to endure the rest of the 17-hour flight covered in it.

Ah, parenthood.