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‘Happy Days’ Star Ron Howard Reveals What It Would Take To Consider Acting Again

by John Jamison
(Photo by Kim Raff/Getty Images for NRDC)

What would it take for Ron Howard and Henry Winkler to reprise their “Happy Days” roles? Well, we can’t speak for Winkler, but it doesn’t look like Howard is too keen on the idea. Forget a “Happy Days” reunion; the Richie Cunningham actor isn’t aware of any acting role that could pry him away from his producing and directing work at Imagine Entertainment.

Clint and Ron Howard have been hitting the press circuit to promote a new memoir they wrote together. “The Boys: A Memoir of Hollywood and Family” was published on October 12. It recounts the many experiences of the Howard brothers as they grew from childhood stars to the figures we recognize today. The two took some time out for an interview with Fox News.

Naturally, the topic of Ron Howard potentially acting again came up. He portrayed two of the most beloved characters in American entertainment history, after all.

“Some interesting filmmakers have thought that it might be a good idea to try to get me in front of the camera again, which is very, very flattering. But between all that Brian [Grazer] and I are doing with Imagine Entertainment and the work that I’m doing in both scripted and documentary filmmaking now has just got me incredibly busy,” Ron told the outlet.

For all his early success in front of the camera on “The Andy Griffith Show” and “Happy Days,” Ron Howard has found even more behind it. He’s directed nearly 50 titles, including such classics as “Apollo 13” and “Backdraft.” He won an Oscar for his directing effort on the Russell Crowe-led “A Beautiful Mind” and was nominated for “Frost/Nixon.”

Not Oscars, Not Money for Ron Howard, But Family

So what would it take to get Ron Howard in front of the camera again? His last serious acting role came in 1986. He reprised his role as Opie Taylor for the “Return to Mayberry” TV movie. The fact that no part convinced him to act in the last 35 years means it would take a miracle, right? Well, not exactly.

It might be as simple as one of his kids asking him. In his interview with Fox News, Ron Howard said that if, say, daughter Bryce Dallas Howard “called me up and said, ‘Dad, I’m directing this film and I want you to play a part,’ that’s something I would probably move my schedule around for. That would be the quickest way to do it.”

He added that he’s not explicitly opposed to acting for the sake of acting. His priorities simply aren’t focused on playing characters. So… Bryce? If you could find a role for your dad in a project, we Outsiders would sure appreciate it.