‘Happy Days’: Why One Star Tells People to Not Put Their Kids in Show Business

by Jacklyn Krol

Which Happy Days star doesn’t believe that children should be in show business?

Marion Ross a.k.a. “Mrs. C” on the hit sitcom has seen firsthand the horrors of children working in television.

Ross believes that children get tired, especially if their family isn’t holding up well either. They can get angry and make the wrong decisions. Her vast experience in the entertainment industry and being a mother herself makes her an expert.

“You don’t have good role models so I really say to people don’t put your kids in the show business. It’s not good for your family other siblings. They think, ‘This looks great I think I’ll be an actor,” she said in an interview with the Television Academy.

“It’s not easy and it’s not permanent. And without really good guidance it doesn’t work,” she continued.

She added that family can disintegrate around you and people will turn their backs on you. Those tough life lessons are meant for adults, not children. At the end of the day, she noted, “It’s a tough price to pay.”

This wasn’t the first time that the Happy Days icon spoke about the dangers of children in the entertainment industry.

“My warning would be for parents who put their kids in show business—be very careful of that,” Ross previously said. “Ron Howard’s parents just took him off the set and [took him] straight home. I think sometimes it’s the parents that break, not the child. She was such a smart little girl and to see her end up this way was tragic for everyone.”

Marion Ross On Her Final Conversation With Her ‘Happy Days’ Co-Star

Three years ago, Ross released her very own memoir, “My Days: Happy and Otherwise.” In the book, she wrote about her last moment with Erin Moran, her television daughter who portrayed “Joanie” on Happy Days. Moran passed away from Stage 4 cancer at just 56 back in 2017. Over the years, the pair lost touch, but she was able to speak with her on the phone one last time before she passed. She cherished their conversation and continues to check in on other living Happy Days co-stars.

“As I said good-bye to her and hung up, I felt so much better about her than I had on so many other occasions over the years,” Ross revealed to Desert Sun. “She seemed to be not only upbeat but also at peace with the demons of depression, drugs and alcohol she had wrestled with for many years.”