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Harrison Ford Classic Getting Pulled From Netflix at the End of February

by Samantha Whidden
Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman in Air Force One
(Photo by Columbia Pictures/Getty Images)

Subscribers of streaming service giant Netflix will have until February 28th to watch Harrison Ford’s 1997 action-packed flick Air Force One. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Air Force One, which stars, Ford, Gary Osman, and Glenn Close will be departing from Netflix at the end of February. Per its IMDb description, the film follows communist radicals as they hijack Air Force One with the U.S. President (played by Ford) and his family onboard. As the Vice President (Close) negotiates with the terrorists (led by Oldman), Ford’s character, who happens to be a veteran as well, fights off the radicals and rescues the hostages on the aircraft. 

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Directed by Wolfgang Petersen, Air Force One scored a total of 13 award nominations, including two Oscars, and won seven. The film was a huge success at the box office and scored more than $315.2 million. 

Harrison Ford Asked Glenn Close to Play The Vice President in ‘Air Force One’

During an interview with Charlie Rose in 1997, Harrison Ford disclosed that he personally asked Glenn Close if she would play the Vice President in Air Force One. 

“I asked Glenn if she would play the Vice President, which was written for a woman, by the way,” Harrison explained. He also said that he asked President Bill Clinton if he could arrange for himself and fellow filmmakers to have a tour of the famous aircraft. “Both of my desires were accomplished,” Ford declared. “Happily.” 

Speaking about why he was drawn to Air Force One, Harrison Ford said, “It moved me and I had action and it had drama and it had great characters. It had a great villain, which is always important.”

Ford then praised Oldman and Close for being fantastic in the film. Speaking about Close’s role again, Ford further declared, “The whole construction of the thing – I thought, clearly, this will work. And I felt very emotional about it for reasons I really can’t nominate.”

Ford Speaks About the Iconic ‘Air Force One’ Presidential Speech

When asked what it felt like to play the President and make an iconic speech in the film, Harrison Ford answered, “You know, I think, given the opportunity of this first speech, which it think is presidential in tone and the quality of the argument is very good. The speech is very good. We worked real hard on that speech.”

Ford also described the speech as being short, strong, emotional, improvisational, and presidential. “Given that as a stepping stone, I think the rest of it and I had felt that the rest of it would come from other people,” he further shared. “And we didn’t want to see an actor acting presidential. We wanted to see the behavior of the people who surround him, giving him a presidential difference.”