Harrison Ford Has Epic ‘Indiana Jones’ Reunion Days After Huge News About His ‘Yellowstone’ Spinoff Emerges

by Megan Molseed

Iconic actor Harrison Ford may be headed to the latest Taylor Sheridan drama and Yellowstone spinoff series. But, he will also always be Indy to so many of us. That’s why one epic Instagram post is truly making us smile as the upcoming 1932 series as he has an epic reunion with one of his Indiana Jones costars!

Harrison Ford’s Epic Indiana Jones Reunion Is Something We All Needed To See

It’s been nearly four decades since Harrison Ford and Ke Huy Quan shared the screen as one of the most iconic on-screen duos portraying Indiana Jones and Short Round. Now, both actors have reunited recently as they both have projects with Disney in the works. Ford is working on Indiana Jones 5, while Ke Huy Quan is set to star in the second season of Loki. To promote these projects, both actors stopped at the recent D23 Expo. And the actors shared the perfectly Indy reunion on Instagram.

“I love you, Indy,” Ke Huy Quan writes in the Instagram caption.

“Indiana Jones and Short Round reunited,” the caption continues. “[After] 38 years.”

Ke Huy Quan Returns To Acting After Decades Away From The Business

Of course, Harrison Ford is an iconic name in the Hollywood industry. His name is nearly synonymous with some of the most popular film franchises of all time such as Indiana Jones and Star Wars. Quan however, has had a decidedly quieter career over the last few decades.

The actor found stardom as a child in the 1980s when he landed roles in two of the most legendary adventure films of all time … The Goonies and Indiana Jones and the Temple Of Doom. However, not long after these films, Ke Huy Quan decided to step away from acting for a bit. Only returning to the business recently when he starred in the 2022 mega-hit, Everything Everywhere All At Once. This film was a sleeper hit reviving multiple rave reviews and grossing over $100 million worldwide.

Unfortunately, there isn’t likely going to be an Indiana Jones and Short Round reunion. During the expo, Harrison Ford noted that this latest Indian Jones installment, Indiana Jones 5, is likely to be his last turn as the iconic archeologist.

Of course, with reboots and spin-offs as popular as they are these days, maybe Quan’s Short Round will be resurfacing at some point. And, this would certainly open the door for a Harrison Ford/Indiana Jones guest appearance! Well, it’s not a likely scenario. But one can always hope!